Shawn Mendes, the teen-heartthrob, blew the roof off Hallenstadion this past Sunday. Lots of screaming and singing was going on. But I do have to admit, I don’t scream, but I really do like this young Canadian singer! Sweet as can be, super likable and so incredibly talented, it’s not even fair. I mean, who can’t like someone like this?

The Hallenstadion was almost bursting at the seams, sooo many people. Thousands of Shawn Mendes fans were stuffed into the venue in Oerlikon. In between the mostly female teenagers you could make out a few parents in the audience, needless to say, I felt like a grandma…

Alessia Cara as Support Act

While the Australian fans get to enjoy Dan + Shay as the support act, we had Alessia Cara opening the show. She did a great job, such a great singer!

Concert Pictures: Alessia Cara

Shawn Mendes – it’s getting hot (and loud) in here!

Just a few minutes before the show started, a few hearts probably skipped a few beats. The DJ waited a little too long to start the next song – BOOM – the screaming begins, a little too early though, the show isn’t starting yet 😉 But once the man of the hour actually got up on stage, there was no holding back. The girls started screaming their little hearts out. Usually, I wear earplugs to protect my ears from the loud music, that day it would have definitely saved me from long-term damage from all the screams 😉

But you know, I can soooo feel for them. I know exactly what’s going on inside. Back in the days, I  had my favorite singers and bands that I was swooning over. Ok, I never screamed (I just didn’t and still don’t get why I should be screaming during songs). But when I think about all those sparkling eyes and the excited faces, I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Apart from Shawn Mendes being an attractive young man, I think it’s super important to point out how freaking talented he is too! No matter if he’s shredding on the guitar or playing the piano on the small b-stage. Just very impressive! He certainly knows how to entertain his fans – and no I don’t mean him smiling at the girls while they hyperventilate and almost pass out – although, he can definitely do that too 😉 He has such a likable nature and a very contagious positive charisma. I get why so many girls fall in love with him… And maybe I should stop writing now, or people might think I turned into a cougar… So, therefore I’ll just leave some nice pictures here for you 😉

Concert Pictures: Shawn Mendes @ Hallenstadion