To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung organized a special concert. The Galaxy Gig took place at Komplex 457 and had a pretty cool lineup. Samsung Ambassador Seven, newcomer Nemo, and the main act: James Arthur!

Seven tried to warm up the audience a bit, but I think it wasn’t as easy as he thought. It took Nemo to get the audience to react. You could tell that the audience was rather young, so was more interested in Nemo (and later on James Arthur).

Concert Pictures: Seven and Nemo @ Komplex 457

During the break, 2 people from the audience were about to get really happy. 2 lucky winners were given a brand new Galaxy S10 phone! Not bad… But yeah, everyone was really just waiting for James Arthur. For a while, some people (including me) weren’t sure if he’ll make it to Switzerland at all. Last week he had to cancel his performance at the Teenage Cancer Trust concert (with Take That!!) in London – kind of a big deal… But luckily James made it to Switzerland.

We were able to experience a wonderful evening with beautiful songs performed by James Arthur. Even though he seemed to have some issues with the sound or his in-ears, he did a great job and sounded amazing, as always. The fans were super excited and happy to see him, so was I 🙂 Even though he seemed a bit tired or just not well, he totally delivered and gave it his all. Still can’t get over how amazing his voice is. It’s like I’m surprised every time I hear him.

So, here’s a couple of pictures of his gig:

Concert Pictures: James Arthur @ Komplex 457 – Galaxy Gig