Is there anything better than starting the weekend with a concert? This Friday it was Rudimental that made me literally dance into the weekend. What a night, I have to admit I was positively surprised and was shaking my booty like there was no tomorrow.

At 9 pm, right on time, the lights went out. The party was about to start. The stage was packed with instruments and ready for Rudimental. The huge backdrop looked like a wild mix of graffitied garage doors. The number of fans that showed up was a bit underwhelming – but everyone who wasn’t there has no idea what they’ve missed! The mood at the venue was great though. There were a few die-hard fans in the front rows that were so excited, you’d think Michael Jackson rose from the dead.

And suddenly Anne-Marie was on stage

I honestly wasn’t aware how many hits Rudimental have. It was pretty much hit after hit. From “Not Giving In” to “Sun Comes Up” up to “Let Me Live” – that’s when we were hit with a huge surprise. Instead of having one of the great singers on stage take over Anne-Marie’s part, Anne-Marie herself suddenly popped up on stage! Not only for that song, she stayed for the rest of the gig and seemed to really have a great time!

Rudimental is getting everyone to dance

While Afronaut Zu and DJ Locksmith kept dancing and running from left to right, everyone around me was just having the best time. People were dancing and just having fun. At some point even the people up on the gallery started dancing 🙂 The atmosphere really was super chill and positive, everyone was just mega happy. This guy next to me kept singing out loud like a champ. Most of the notes he didn’t hit, not even close, but he had the time of his life.

After about 75mins the band disappeared from stage. But of course 2 of their biggest hits were still missing, so I’m sure that wasn’t the end. And there it was, one of my faves: These Days! And right after this, probably one of the highlights (after Anne-Marie showing up): Waiting All Night! 

Then it was officially over… The lights went on and music was blasted over the speakers. One of the greatest songs ever: September by Earth Wind & Fire. Even though the security personnel started herding the people towards the exit, most were not ready to leave. People were just sticking around and dancing (check out the IG highlights on our account).

How awesome is this? I really haven’t seen anything like this in a while. Usually, people scatter immediately after the lights go on. Concert nr. 5 definitely is already one of my favorites this year!

Concert Pictures: Rudimental @ Halle 622