Yes! Alex Vargas – one of my top discoveries of 2018 – is coming back to Zurich. The Danish singer totally surprised me at his concert at Exil in Zurich last year. This guy has an incredible stage presence, tells funny stories while singing his heart out and winning over the entire audience.

Alex Vargas‘ music has been described as “Noise Soul” by one of  his friends. Soul? Oh hell yeah, definitely! Noise – hmm not sure about where to put that. If at all, it’s absolutely beautiful noise 🙂 Alex knows how to blend different genres without losing any of the vibes. Go check out his latest single: What You Wish For.

I for one already am looking forward to the show at Papiersaal. This location hast become one of my favorite venues in Zurich anyways, so seeing all my favorite artists playing there is amazing.

Details about the Alex Vargas Concert

Datum: 28. Dezember 201
Location: Papiersaal, Zürich
Türöffnung: 19:00h
Showtime: 20.00h
Tickets: via Starticket or Just Because

There are still a few tickets left, so go treat yourself asap! I’m super excited for this to happen! Here’s one of my faves, Inclusure:


Image source: Just Because