It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Lily Allen – but she just came back full speed. With her new album “No Shame” she will no embark on a big EU tour. We’re very excited to see how the new songs will be performed and how the audience will react.

Lily Allen is pretty open about a lot of things on her new album. She talks about her divorce, the relationship with her kids and drugs – like a real rock star and obviously with no shame at all 😉
But I guess we all knew that she is quite straightforward – the song “Fuck You” for example is still my go-to song when I had a bad day. I still like to blast that song on my radio!

I for one am really excited to see Lily Allen live (it’ll be my first time). And luckily I won’t have to wait much longer…

Details about the Lily Allen

Date: 01. December 2018
Venue: Komplex 457, Zürich
Doors: 19:00h
Showtime: 20.00h
Tickets: via Starticket

And to get you in the mood, here’s her recent single “Lost My Mind”