Another concert-highlight: Jacob Banks! The British singer is coming back to Zurich. I got to see how he was celebrated by the Zurich audience at the totally sold out show at Mascotte. This year it’ll definitely be a bigger crowd, hopefully just as excited and blown away by Jacob Banks.

I didn’t just get to see him live last year, I also got to interview him. If you want to know what song makes him especially proud, go check out the article: Interview mit Jacob Banks.

Jacob Banks has an incredible voice, but that’s not all he’s got, his talent to write songs is immense! Beginning of November he finally released his debut album “Village”. Not only his hits like “Chainsmoking” and “Unknown (To You)” are on there, but also some other great songs and collabs. “Kumbaya” a song featuring Bibi Bourelly is one of my favorites! Their energy and their voices fit together so well. I’m very excited to see what songs he’ll be playing on tour.

All details about the Jacob Banks concert

Date: 17. Dezember, 2018
Venue: X-Tra, Zürich
Doors: 19:00h
Showtime: 20.00h
Tickets: via Just Because und Starticket

Everyone wants to see Jacob Banks – that was definitely the case last year, and for sure will be the same this time around. So make sure to get your tickets rather sooner than later!