We’ve got another great concert recommendation for you: Ben Howard! The British singer/songwriter is finally coming back to Switzerland and I’m sure he’ll be leaving with a bunch of new fans. Ben Howard isn’t just an incredible songwriter, everytime I hear/see  him play the guitar I am totally fascinated!

The last time I’ve seen Ben Howard was in 2015 at the Musikfestwochen in Winterthur… After that he kind of disappeared for a while, but of course he didn’t just chill. In June 2018 his 3rd album „Noonday Dream“  was released and shot right into the charts, Top 5 even in the UK and the US. If you like beautiful and sometimes dark-ish folk and great guitar tunes, Ben could be something for you!

Details about the Ben Howard conzert in Zurich

Date: 26. November, 2018
Venue: Samsung Hall, Zürich
Doors: 18.30h
via Starticket

There are a few tickets left, but as always, we recommend to get them asap, you never know when they sell out…

Here’s one of my favorite songs, and probably one of his most successful ones too:

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Image source: Roddy Bow