The Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer is finally back in Switzerland. On Friday evening they brought their “Meet You There Tour” to the almost sold out Halle 622. Yes, the venues have gotten a bit smaller, but that didn’t change anything about the atmosphere and energy they brought to the stage!

The big 5SOS show started a bit late, but definitely with a big bang. Or let’s say lots of screaming. During the first song “Babylon” the screaming was almost louder than the band itself. But then again, I looked at all the happy faces in the front row and couldn’t help but feel for and with them. I mean, I know what they’re going through right now, it’s not like I haven’t been at their spot, my idols in front of me and with this indescribable feeling inside.

The mood at Halle 622 was great. Not only the fans up front were singing along and dancing. From up on the balcony I was able to see how everyone until the very back was having a great time, dancing, singing and clapping. Sure, the light show and the beats definitely brought the right mood too. I have to admit, 5SOS really surprised me. They are super likeable young men, giving it their all on stage, playing instruments and definitely know how to entertain the crowd.

And suddenly a fan gets to be part of the band….

Around mid-set, Cal the bass player spotted a banner in the crowd (still don’t know what it said), and decided he wanted that girl to get up on stage. There she was, Samira from Zurich (although I think she tried to say she was from Lucerne). I guess the original plan was that she would be singing “Amnesia” with the guys, but she had other plans. Once on stage, she said she wanted to play the guitar. A few seconds later Mike put his guitar on her, adjusted the strap and everything. The audience went nuts when Samira started playing the chords to Amnesia. Man, that girl must have nerves of steel going up there like that, and she certainly did a great job!

A little later Mike at some point said that Zurich so far has been one of his fave concerts. The cheering got louder. But then he said that if Zurich should become his absolute fave show, the audience needs to – in his words: loosen the fuck up! Oh boy, I guess he had no clue that being like this is already a big deal in Switzerland. I haven’t seen many audiences in Switzerland like this one, when it comes to participating, jumping, clapping etc. But ok, the fans just screamed a bit louder…

Smashing Encores

After „Want You Back“ the guys went off stage for a while. But of course, they wouldn’t leave until playing their biggest hits. So the first song they played after coming back on stage was probably the biggest hit of their earlier albums: “She Looks So Perfect”. The crowd always sang along like champs before, but now pretty much everyone was singing. It sounded great. But then, when they started playing “Youngblood”, it got muuuch louder! It was a great ending for the show though. Despite feeling like a grandma at this show, I really enjoyed myself and I can totally see me going to another 5SoS show! 🙂