It was finally time for Kodaline to make up for their canceled concert. What was extra cool about this show, it was happening right on Halloween. The Irish band went on tour in support of their newest album “Politics of Living”.

Before Kodaline took the stage, not one but two support acts had the chance to warm up the audience. First up was JC Stewart, who performed just with his guitar and sang mostly slower and some pretty sad songs. But his Halloween make-up was great 😉 The second band called Wild Youth were quite the opposite. Very upbeat songs, a singer that would not stand still for even a second, just jumping around and spreading good vibes.

Concert Pictures JC Stewart & Wild Youth

Next up was Kodaline. As you can see on the pictures, every single one on stage had awesome make-up and was totally in the Halloween spirit. How cool is that? Not only the guys on stage were wearing make-up though. I could spot a few fans in the audience that were all dressed up! Unfortunately, all the make-up in the world couldn’t hide the fact that Steve had some issues with his voice. You could tell that at some point the band had to sing a bit more to make up for Steve not being able to perform 100%. You could see and hear that he was struggling during the show. Of course, you can’t even be mad at him, the poor guy did everything he could, but after such a long tour and then maybe having a cold, it’s really hard to perform…

The show in general was fine. The guys did a good job and gave everything they could, considering the circumstances. I know there were some negative feedbacks to their new album, it being to pop-y or electronic, but I think they managed to get a good mix of older and new songs at this show. So I’m sure everyone was happy. The venue wasn’t sold out as far as I know, but it was filled quite nicely, so fans are still around J

Concert Pictures Kodaline