The Black Eyed Peas were finally back on tour and even made a stop in Zurich. When entering the arena, the sight was pretty surprising. Not very many people made their way to Hallenstadion, apparently, only around 2000 tickets were sold. BEP still got the party started..

I’m sure the promoter expected a few more people… As far as I remember, the last Black Eyed Peas gig at this venue was sold out. Unfortunately, we’re far away from that today. Why you may ask? Not sure, maybe the fact that Fergie isn’t part of the group anymore, or maybe it was because there haven’t been any big chart-breakers in the last few years? Who knows…

For the fans that were a little further back the show still must have been quite great! For the photographers and maybe even the fans in the first couple rows it was more of a curse than a blessing. Unfortunately, that’s the reason why there aren’t that many pictures.

However, I talked to some of the fans and a lot of them still said the show was quite good! The huge pyramid-shaped stage that felt like it was 20m high kept changing colors, had fishies swim over the screens or showed hearts. You can find a detailed concert review over at KekoasKorner 🙂

Concert Pictures: Black Eyed Peas @  Hallenstadion