One of my highlights of this year’s Baloise Session: Jack Savoretti! Those of you who’ve followed Loads of Music for a while have probably read about him before. It somehow made me super proud to see him on the Baloise Session line-up. I was very excited to see how this evening will turn out. As to my surprise, Jack was the first one up on stage, before George Ezra.

Jack Savoretti has been playing in Switzerland quite a lot in the past few years. Earlier this year I had the chance to interview him up in Zermatt. Go check it out here: Interview with Jack Savoretti

Jack opened his Baloise Session set with 2 great songs: „Written in Scars“ and „Knock Knock“ – a great way to show the audience what to expect! There were a few quite surprised faces, not sure they knew what an amazing singer Jack was – until now. His raspy and deep voice truly gives me goosebumps every single time… This super likable and talented singer who spent many years growing up in Switzerland didn’t just win me over (again and again), I could see that many of the people in the audience really enjoyed his set and his little stories in between songs. Before playing an amazing version of “Always On My Mind” (yes, that song that Elvis sang and later on Willie Nelson) he mentioned how his dad used to sing that song and how now that he is a dad himself, he figured he should sing it too. It seemed like every dad felt like he had to sing this song at some point… Cute, but I’m pretty sure most dads can’t sing or have a voice like Jack 😉

Incredible voice, emotions, and great songs!

Even though Jack has many great up-tempo songs, I have to admit, I really like the slow ones. One of my favorite parts of the show was when Jack played “Breaking The Rules” accompanied by only the piano – what an emotional and great moment! As if that song alone wouldn’t give me chills, when Jack and his piano player went in for a big hug after the song, you could really see that not only the audience had an emotional moment. The rest of the band was introduced right after “Whiskey Tango” – this is one talented group! I love how you can tell that they’re really enjoying themselves up on stage, the passion!

That passion and the fun they were having was quickly transported to the audience. I could see how every now and then people in the back even started getting up and dancing. It seemed like Jack turned it up even more in the second half of the set. I love how “Back Where I Belong” had a really cool latino twist in it. Not sure I’ve heard it like this before. Most people were standing at this point and dancing! Before Jack closed his set with “When We Were Lovers”, we got to hear a wonderful ballad: “Catapult” – one of my favorite songs off his album ”Written in Scars”.

This for sure was another great concert evening with Jack Savoretti. I’m sure that after his performance he won over many new fans. During the break, I could hear quite a few people talk about him and telling each other how great this guy was 🙂

In hindsight, I’m pretty sure Jack should have closed the show and not open it. But more about that in our review of George Ezra…

Concert Pictures: Jack Savoretti @ Baloise Session