Last Friday Tash Sultana played a sold-out show at Samsung Hall. After so many of my friends told me she’s amazing, I just had to go see for myself. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and was therefore really looking forward to this concert. And let me tell ya, Tash was absolutely incredible, the audience unfortunately not so much…

The Pierce Brothers, also from Melbourne opened the show – talking about Aussie power… Damn those two guys brought quite some energy to the stage. The Pierce Brothers (who are btw twins!) really warmed up the crowd and made it incredibly hard for me to stand still while taking pictures. Pat and Jack Pierce were hitting the drums and were strumming the guitar while bringing a really cool folk-y atmosphere to Samsung Hall. Such an energetic duo – if you have the chance to go see them on their Headline tour, please do so, go get your ticket right now!


Tash Sultana plays pretty much every instrument you know of

At 9 pm it was time for the headliner to hop on stage. Tash Sultana‘ s little set up was slightly elevated, a smaller stage up on the big one. It was a cute little stage with some lights, a flamingo lamp and all her instruments around her. The air was filled with the scent of incense. Tash, dressed in a simple white oversized t-shirt and jeans, started with a bang. She made her guitar spit out amazing sounds, she beatboxes like a pro and hits the keys on her keyboard. Tash has a very special aura around her, it seems like she does all this with no effort at all. The 23yr old has an amazing smile which is absolutely contagious. The room seemed to have a totally different energy as well. And get this, Tash Sultana is not just amazing with all her instruments, she has a beautiful voice too. The way she blends her songs together is amazing. Sometimes you don’t even realize a new song has started. I’m still amazed by that! It was great to hear all those great songs live, Notion or even Jungle (the two songs that probably were the ones everyone knew – including me ;-)) had a slightly different feel to them. I love it when musicians make me love their music, even more, when they sound amazing live! I have to say, this must have been one of my highlights of this year, a totally different kind of music that I usually would listen to, but still extremely satisfying – for me at least 🙂

The audience was as diverse and loud as Tash

Many of the fans were enjoying her music as much as I was! The audience was super diverse, it was fun to see so many different people. Surfer dudes, hippies but also the girls all dolled up and ready to go to the club and the guys in suits – you could see about any type of person at Samsung Hall that night. Apart from the die-hard fans in the first couple of rows that were in their little happy bubble, unfortunately, there were the other ones that were either drunk or just ignorant and managed to ruin this experience for a lot of people around them. There was so much chatter (sometimes even screaming) that I had to change my spot 3 times. I just wanted to listen to the music! After having experienced a so respectful and quiet crowd at the Passenger show, it was hard to deal with this audience. Especially some people around the bar area were so loud, I could barely concentrate on the music, so sad! This, however, was the only negative thing about an otherwise great concert evening!

Concert Pictures: Tash Sultana in der Samsung Hall