This year the SEAT Music Session was celebrating their 10 year anniversary! I can’t believe this show has been around for 10 years already – well deserved of course. We only discovered it back in 2014, but have been at the shows every year since then. Of course we couldn’t miss the anniversary tour! This year we were able to enjoy great music by amazing and talented musicians – as always in a pretty intimate atmosphere and on the famous 360° stage. What was special about this year, there was a special guest invited to every one of the shows. Keep reading if you want to know who the surprise guest was at X-Tra.

As mentioned, the line-up this year was great. For this year SEAT Music Session invited 5 of the best acts that have previously performed on this stage: Marc Broussard, Alain Clark, Avery Sunshine, Nina Attal und Ritschi! As I have never seen Alain Clark and Avery Sunshine, I was especially looking forward to hearing them sing… Of course, it was great to see all my SMS buddies again, it was a nice little reunion with Cinzia from Flying Housewives, Justyna from, Valeria und Adi from LittleCity. It was a pleasure to have first timer Nina from KekoasKorner there too and to finally meet Kellin from Musicandevents and Slavia from Wo-Men-Talk

Soul, Guitar Solos, Goosebumps and Powerful Voices

During the first part of the show, the artists gave us some great solo but also group-performances. They started out with a great cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”, where every act came in separately and sang their part. After that, they started with their solo performances. I really enjoyed hearing Marc Broussard’s voice again! Btw, his song “Easy To Love” is on his latest album that you totally should get 🙂 Ritschi sang his songs „E guete Tag“ & „Tränemeer“ and made all the Swiss-German Lovers happy. Avery Sunshine had me right at the beginning of her song “Time To Shine”. Damn that girl can saaaang! Nina Attal may be petite but oh my, she was on fire! She has quite the voice and plays that guitar like none other. Her solos during her songs were awesome! Alain Clark pretty much told us half his life-story with his songs. “Cold in California” has become one of my favorites of his since then. To finish up the first part of the evening, Marc Broussard invited the other artists up on stage while singing his version of The Isley Brothers song “It’s Your Thing”.

It’s time to reveal the surprise guest: SEVEN!

As mentioned, every night there’s another surprise guest on stage. After the quick break, we finally found out who it was. One of Switzerland’s most successful singers hopped up on stage:  SEVEN. The next surprise was his song choice. He didn’t perform one of his newer songs, he chose to sing “Anymore” – one of the songs that got him into the SEAT Music Sessions back in 2010. After his performance, he stuck around and jammed with the other artists – don’t think this was planned, but it sounded great. Next highlight for me as a country music fan was the cover of Chris SStapleton’ssong „What Are You Listening To“ 🙂

Next up was Ritschi and Marc Broussard. I already thought this might happen – Marc and Ritschi sang „Nume 5 Minute“ again. Just as last time, Marc started out in English, but then switched to Swiss-German. The audience was super surprised and started cheering even louder! I mean, we all know, Swiss-German really isn’t the easiest language to learn 🙂

We got to enjoy a few other group performances after that. One of them was One Republic’s “Counting Stars” and then one for all the soul lovers, a quick Marvin Gaye medley with “Mercy Mercy Me” and “What’s Going On”. The encore was another great song that spread the goosebumps all around the audience. A total classic of the legendary Prince: Purple Rain! With that song, another extremely entertaining and great SEAT Music Session is coming to an end. Even though the tour had just started, it was confirmed that all the other shows this year were completely sold out already!

SEAT Music Session 2019

In case you missed the show this year, you can already get tickets for next year’s shows! As you can see, the shows usually sell out really fast, so I suggest you go get your tickets quite fast: Tickets SEAT Music Session 2019.  You can’t say I didn’t warn ya 😉 And get this, the first act is already confirmed. This singer has recently been on tour with Wincent Weiss and A-Ha: Alexander Knappe.  I’m sure more great acts will be following – so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Concert Pictures: SEAT Music Session 2018