Good news for Jason Derulo fans – we’re giving away 2×2 tickets to his concert in Zurich. But not only that, we had the chance to chat with him and ask him about different things. He may or may have not revealed some information on his tour and what to expect from his show. Keep reading to find out more and get details on how to win the tickets!

As mentioned we had the chance to chat with Jason Derulo. During this short phone call, we did get some information on his show and on a special song that’s gonna be on his upcoming album “2 Sides”.

Interview with Jason Derulo

Thanks a lot for taking the time to chat with us. We’ll dive right in! Can you reveal anything about the tour, what can we expect?
No problem, it’s my pleasure! Well, the costumes are definitely next level. The wardrobe will be great and it’ll be a very theatrical show. I have some of the best dancers with me and some of the best musicians in the world so it’s going to be an all-around extravaganza. I really think this show is going to be special. 

You’re actually playing pretty big venues this time around. Is there a venue you still have on your bucket list?
Well, the venue that has been on my bucket list for a while was the O2 in London and I got to play that venue on my last tour which was amazing. And for the other, to be honest, I’ve already pretty much played them all already.

You’ve had a few great songs come out of collaborations. Your newest song is one with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Willy Willliam – is there anyone in the industry that you’d like to work with in the future?
I’m a fan of a lot of people. I just try to keep it organic. Every record calls for different people. I’m not sure if there is someone I’m dying to work with necessarily. It needs to fit the song! When I’m working with so many incredible acts, it’s always a pleasure to work with somebody that has a totally different vibe than you. They bring a very different energy to the song.

Talking about different vibes… You’ve sang and performed with Luke Bryan who is a country artist and from a completely different genre than you’re from. Could you see yourself recording or singing more country music?
Yeah, I have one of those on my album actually. I can’t tell you who it’s with yet, but yeah, it’s really special. It’s like an homage to all women, mothers, daughters and grandmothers you know. It’s really a special song. 

Your song “In My Head” is a song that always reminds me of one of my best trips to the US. Whenever I hear the song, it takes me right back. Do you have a song that reminds you of a great time or an amazing experience?
That’s lit! I have a song like that too. “I got a feeling” is one of those songs, you know, the one by the Black Eyed Peas. I used to dance at these bar mitzvahs and I remember this song being like a crowd-favorite. So yeah that song brings me way back for sure.


You’re not just a musician, you’re into acting as well… Apart from all of that, you also like to help people. Can you tell us a bit about your foundation “Just For You”?
We’re pretty much taking one step at a time. We’re starting with education in Haiti – which is where my roots are. That’s first on the list, trying to tackle some of the issues with education and we’ll continue to move from there. And also other things that just kinda arrive, crisis. Like the crisis in North Carolina, we’re going to go do some work there with Sean Penn. So yeah, as things arrive, of course, I want to be as big of a help as I can be. But the thing that “Just For You” is focusing on right now is definitely the education in Haiti.

With your Haitian roots, is this something you’d say had influenced you with your music?
Indirectly yeah, for sure. I grew up listening to Compas so you kinda get that vibe more indirectly. I don’t think it would be possible to not be influenced by what I grew up on.


End The Sentence

When I get off stage, the first thing I do is… put a towel around myself and just take a moment.
Jelly Fish make me… not want to go in the water.
The moment I saw that manta ray underwater I felt… like I wanted to conquer a fear.
The craziest dream I’ve had was about… making a change.  
The best hangover food is… Burgers!
Switzerland is… one of the most beautiful countries in the world! 


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Details about the Jason Derulo concert

Date: 11.10.18
Venue: Hallenstadion, Zürich
Doors: 5:45pm
Showtime: 7.20pm
Tickets: via Ticketcorner

In case you don’t want to rely on your luck, you can still get your tickets on Ticketcorner. A few of them are still available! But don’t wait too long…



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