The second day of the Stars in Town festival was the night of the great male voices. We got to enjoy the local band The Gardener and the Tree, the Icelandic band Kaleo and as the main headliner the british singer Rag’n’Bone Man.

To start with, a small request for all concert goers

(this is for ALL concerts, not just the Stars in Town shows)
PLEASE just stay at home or go to a bar if you intend on talking during the entire show! Nobody else cares about your latest tinder match or uncle Eugenes birthday party.
Guess what, most people actually go to shows – surprise surprise – to LISTEN TO MUSIC!
The never-ending chatter is about as unnecessary as a wart on your foot or a sand pit in the desert. It really just annoys most people and really ruins a great concert experience. It’s fine to quickly asy a few words in between songs, but seriously, shut your mouths after that. Talking during every damn song is a big no-no. Why don’t you just go to a bar, you can actually talk to your friend without having to scream…

But now let’s get back to the gigs:  

The opener of this day at Stars in Town is the band The Gardener and the Tree, who actually is from this beautiful little town of Schaffhausen. They entertained the crowd in the sunshine and what felt like 45°. The venue was filled quite nicely, considering this was the first gig of the day – I guess it definitely had something to do with the band being a local band. As mentioned, it was HOT! The singer once even said, he almost hoped for some rain. Even though we were all sweating like crazy, I’m sure most of the people in the audience preferred the sun to rain.

Concert Pictures: The Gardener and the Tree at Stars in Town

Rock tunes and Icelandic coolness with Kaleo

Next up was the band Kaleo. The last time Kaleo and I “met” was at Coachella last year. Unfortunately I was only able to hear them perform, as there were too many people in the tent where they played. So I was excited to actually get to see them this time around.

Kaleos lead singers voice is still as amazing as I remembered; the songs are catchy and quite rocky. I do have to say, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of interaction of the band. Barely no words were said, except for a quick thank you every now and then. It seemed like they just wanted to get the set over with. However the bass player was my personal highlight. Still a bit more in the background at the beginning, he started partying on stage later in the set. Running up to the edge of the stage and pumping up the crowd, he really brought some energy to our side of the audience. The fans around me really enjoyed the show no matter what. A couple of Icelandic flags were popping up, people actually sang along and danced during the songs. Even though the band has a bunch of great songs like Broken Bones or Backdoor (which is one of my favorites), you could tell that most people were just there for that one uber-hit they had: “Way Down We Go”.

My conclusion: Great songs, a wonderful raspy voice but room for improvement when it comes to performing… Bassist Daníel Ægir Kristjánsson did make sure I woulnd’t classify the show as boring.

Concert Pictures: Kaleo am Stars in Town

Goosebumps and chills on the Herrenacker
with Rag’n’Bone Man

Last but definitely not least, it was Rag’n’Bone Man’s turn. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen him live before too. I knew what to expect. After the break the mood/excitement did die down a little. But Rory,  totally won me over in just a few seconds. His amazing voice just does that to me every time. Looking at him, he might come across as a bad boy and seem almost a bit dangerous, but once he opens his mouth or reacts to the fans, you’ll change your mind. He is so likeable and seems like a big teddy bear. The way he smiles when he sees people sing along or when he tells us about his songs. Very very cool! I love how he interpreted some of his songs in a new way. Acoustic versions and little rap sessions during songs. His first hit “Human” was also performed a bit differently than how we know it from the radios. After last night, I do have new favorite song though; “Grace”, which is apparently one of Rag’n’Bone Man’s happy songs.

My conclusion: Great! The not only likeable, but loveable guy with a breathtaking voice really has some amazing talents. He for sure defended his place in my heart again.

Concert Pictures: Rag’n’Bone Man am Stars in Town