Musikfestwochen are almost over, but we’ve still got the highlights to come. One of them being the Saturday with Billy Talent who was celebrating their 25th anniversary, Turbostaat and Black Foxxes. We’re in for some great punk rock.

Luckily the weather was on our side, even though the forecast said there’d be a few raindrops, it was a beautiful summer evening, hot and dry. So Nina from Kekoaskorner and I made our way to Steinberggasse in Winterthur, right on time to catch the first two acts of the evening.

Black Foxxes and Turbostaat at the Musikfestwochen

The band Black Foxxes opened the night. The venue was quite nicely filled already while the Black Foxxes played their set. Even though the first couple of rows seemed to have been filled with Billy Talent fans, they were all enjoying the music. The first moshpits showed up.

Turbostaat was up next. The german band is theoretically on a concert-break. But for Musikfestwochen they took a break from the break and brought their tunes to Winterthur.

Concert Pictures: Black Foxxes und Turbostaat


Billy Talent are celebrating at Musikfestwochen

It’s well known that the Canadian band has been in the music industry for a while. When  Billy Talent anounced that they’re actually celebrating their 25th anniversary I realized how old I am 😀

During the first songs us photographers were already „welcomed“ by a couple beer-showers, lots of screaming/singing and jumping. While the hardcore fans totally went crazy, I personally was happy to be enjoying the show from a little further back. The ambience was still great back there, everyone was enjoying the show and we could too – without having to worry about breaking bones in a moshpit 🙂

I loved how the band said that we should all have fun, but especially with the moshpits, we should be careful and take care of the kids and women in the audience. A little later the band brought up Aaron Solowoniuk, who was the bands drummer from day one. Unfortunately he had to take a break from the drums due to having his MS flaring up again right when the band was hitting the studios to record “Afraid of Heights”. It was great to see how the band brought up their buddy and have him join for a couple of songs. The evening ended with a couple of flares and Fallen Leaves. 

Concert Pictures: Billy Talent