Winterthur is definitely focused on everything music related these days. It’s finally Musikfestwochen-Time. We will be there at least 3 days, maybe we’ll be spontaneous and go check out some more days during the week, we’ll see…

On this Musikfestwochen-Sunday we were super excited to see Curtis Harding on stage. But with all the different gigs, we found ourselves enjoying Adam Naas and Awesome Arnold.

Adam Naas at the Musikfestwochen

Adam Naas was introduced as the guy with the probably highest voice at this year’s Musikfestwochen. I am pretty sure that is totally true. But that’s not the only thing that makes Adam Naas an amazing singer. I loved the sound of his voice in every way, his music is almost a bit mystic and dark, but his soulful voice manages to stand out from the dark sounds. Even though his music might not be the typical dance-music and he wasn’t a man of many words, he managed to really pull me in. His performance was great and he himself seems extremely likeable, almost adorable in his own way. Very cool set, you should definitely go have a listen!

Concert Pictures: Adam Naas @  Musikfestwochen

Awesome Arnold performing on the Startrampe

This act wasn’t really on our list, but since I was standing right next to the stage, I figured, why not! And hey, I was actually surprised in a very positive way! Awesome Arnold are pretty awesome, I really like their sound and energy. They were missing their drummer that day, well not really missing, but their original drummer was replaced, due to some kind of hand injuries (how do you even cut yourself in BOTH hands :D). Anyways, give these guys a listen: Awesome Arnold.

Concert Pictures: Awesome Arnold


Altin Gün – Turkish vibes in Winterthur

This was quite unexpected as I was planning on  having dinner around this time 😀 But it was nice to  hear something a little different. Altin Gün got quite a lot of people to dance. And I have to admit, a lot of memories came back up – from my many vacations in Turkey.

Concert Pictures: Altin Gün


Curtis Harding – Soul all the way at MFW

Yes, this was the set I was waiting for all day. I was lucky enough to see Curtis Harding at Plaza last year, where I fell in love with his music. Soul soul soul and smooth beats. Very much like artists from back in the days. Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix or Marvin Gaye. So he was totally up my alley too! That he let the photographers stay in the pit for more than 3 songs got him major extra points from me 🙂 The ambience was super chill but exciting at this point. Many people were just enjoying the vibes and dancing. This is exactly how a weekend should end, great music, warm temperatures and a bunch of like-minded people enjoying themselves and being happy.

Concert Pictures: Curtis Harding