Both Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele are probably best known for their roles as Chris Keller and Mia Catalano in the TV show One Tree Hill. They’re fab musicians and finally made their way back to a swiss stage almost 2 years after their last gig here. On Friday the 13th they performed in Zurich and brought with them the two support acts Jablonsky and Brian Mackey.

Before Tyler and Kate came on stage, they had 2 support acts warming up the crowd – well, literally warming up was really not necessary, if felt like a sauna in the venue and the temperatures outside were well over the usual Swiss summer conditions.

Reni Lane aka Jablonsky was up first and performed a couple of songs. Her smooth voice filled the room and actually had the audience quiet down a bit, which is not always the case in Switzerland (unfortunately). Next up was Brian Mackey, a singer from Florida (wearing a Los Angeles Shirt and with plans to build a house in Tennessee ;-)). His first song was actually a song about Florida, but really not what I expected. Have a listen: Brian Mackey – Florida.Brian seemed like a really chill guy and cracked a few jokes on stage – people were definitely entertained. I’ve listened to his music prior to the show and have to say, he sounds even better live than on CD/Spotify, so if you get the chance to see him live, do it! His voice actually reminds me a bit of LIfehouse singer Jason Wade. What impressed me as well was, how long he stuck around the merch table after the show, just chatting with fans and signing stuff. I love when artists try to connect with their audience off stage too.

Concert Pictures: Jablonsky und Brian Mackey

It’s Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele’s turn now

After a short break, the two made their way up on the little stage at around 8.45pm. Just like at their last show, they started out singing a few songs together and then each one left the stage to give the other a short solo-set.

Tyler brought out one of the OTH Songs „Loaded Gun“ quite early. While Tyler and Kate joked about the stage door being a portal to another world like Narnia, Kate left the stage quite early. Tyler performed a few songs by himself and later brought Kate back out. She then took over. Happy to say that one of my favorite songs „Sandcastles” made it on to the setlist! I was very impressed by how beautifully Kate and Reni’s (who played the piano for Tyler and Kate) voices harmonize, they should definitely sing together more often.

The last few songs Tyler and Kate performed together. As always the gig was over way too fast. But wait, this time it wasn’t just a “feeling” – the show was actually quite short, they played a little over an hour. They ended the show with the Ryan Adams cover “When The Stars go Blue” and Kates version of “Hallelujah”.

Even though it was quite a short gig, it was a beautiful night. I remember being so into this tv show, so naturally a lot of memories came back up when I heard all those songs. I somehow still am surprised how music can bring out so many feelings and memories, without even trying…

Concert Pictures: Tyler Hilton & Kate Voegele