A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to attend the 2nd Unplugged Session in the Starticket offices. We were told that this time it was slightly bigger (we unfortunately missed the first session). Not only a larger stage but also a few more people got to see the two swiss artists Pat Burgener and Damian Lynn perform.

While the first edition of the Unplugged Session was a tad smaller, the second time around there were a few more people attending. Approx. 80-100 people were at the Starticket offices on May 17th. Mostly people from different parts of the music business were there, a few lucky people that won tickets and a couple of music bloggers like me. As the music blogger “scene” is rather small, it’s nice to see familiar faces, or even meet someone you’ve been in touch with online. Shout out to Nathalie von Music Feels Better Together 😉  

Pat Burgener @ Unplugged Session von Starticket & 20 Minuten

First one up on stage is Pat Burgener, who by the way isn’t just a talented musician but also a pro snowboarder. Here are a few impressions of his set:


Damian Lynn @ Unplugged Session von Starticket & 20 Minuten

After a short break and setting up the stage, it’s time for Damian Lynn. He is known to perform all by himself, just with his guitar and a loop station. This time he brought his drummer – it’s about to get a bit louder. My personal highlight was his mashup of 25 hip hop/rap songs. While he wondered how many songs we would know, I can now tell you, I knew all of them 😉 I guess he wasn’t used to people knowing all of them, since his audience can be a bit younger (they would obviously not know some of the old school hip hop songs haha)


Here’s a short clip with a few shots and scenes of the Unplugged Session. Have a look and be amused by the interviews with Para Franko: