After a longer break Lenny Kravitz was finally back in Zurich. At the Hallenstadion he played most of his older hits but also a few of the newer songs. Since the Swiss soccer team was fighting for their spot in the next round of the worldcup, so excitement was guaranteed no matter what.

With an almost 10 min delay Lenny Kravitz came on stage. A stage that looked pretty cool from the beginning. The many lights were promising a great lightshow and then smack in the middle, on a higher platform, there he was, opening his show in between 2 horns or were they tusks – either way, with “Fly Away” the opening song already got people up and dancing.

One hit after another

As to be expected, we all got to enjoy the big hits such as „American Woman“, „It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over“, „I Belong To You“ and of course many more. I knew from previous shows that Lenny wasn’t a  man of many words, so I didn’t expect much conversation. But I did find the long breaks in between songs a bit awkward (if nobody says anything…) and annoying. All the energy that the previous song built up just died down again by the time the next song was starting. That didn’t just happen once. What a shame… 🙁 But then luckily towards the end of the set it wasn’t as extreme anymore and Lenny seemed to be able to keep carrying the energy and mood to the next song.

Even though I just did criticize that lost energy a bit, I can still say that the band and music overall sounded great. From that point of view it was a great concert. Lenny certainly hasn’t lost any of his talent, or sexappeal for that matter. His presence on stage is still very very strong. I personally also loved the brass section on the far left side of the stage.

Lenny Kravitz turns it up at the end

The atmosphere in general was quite good, most people up on the seats were dancing and singing – which isn’t always the case at this venue. I’m sure the die-hard fans were super happy and enjoying themselves. Towards the end more older hits showed up on the set list. „Always on the Run“, „Where are we Runnin‘“ and „Again“ were the last songs of his regular set. Obviously he wouldn’t leave without coming back on stage for an encore. And that encore was quite an experience for some people – probably a highlight for many. During “Let Love Rule” Lenny hopped off stage and started walking towards the right side of the stage. He pretty much walked through a bunch of fans and ended up on the stairs that were going up to the seats, stayed there for a few seconds, shook hands and then did the same thing on the other side. Man some fans were freaking out, the screaming got a little louder at that point 😉

With one of my favorites „Are You Gonna Go My Way“ Lenny Kravitz ended his show… The venue cleared out super fast, which was probably mainly because it wasn’t sold out and many left a bit earlier since at this time it was after 11pm already. Despite everything, I can still say it was a great concert-evening with amazing songs!

Concert Pictures: Lenny Kravitz at Hallenstadion