And again I found myself at a concert of an Italian artist. This time it was Jovanotti, one of the really big ones I was told. Well actually I already knew that for myself as even I knew some of  the songs. As usual, I didn’t understand much except for words like Amore or Ragazzi etc. Nevertheless, I am magically drawn to shows like this…

As mentioned, I still don’t speak Italian, but somehow that really didn’t matter. Jovanotti’s introduced himself in German and added a few english sentences with the most charming italian accent – absolutely adorable 🙂

Energetic show at Hallenstadion

You really cannot tell that Lorenzo Cherubini (Jovanotti’s real name) is 51 year. The way he runs around on stage and dances is incredible. But it’s not just him turning it up, his band is tight! Even though they are kept more in the background (with little exceptions), you can still hear them, well obviously, but you know what I mean.

With „Mi Fido Di Te“ the audience calmed down a bit and it got quite, we got to enjoy a wonderful ballad. The beautiful chandeliers that were hanging from the ceilings really added a touch of romance. Yes, the Italians are known to be loud party animals, they can also do quiet 🙂

Old classics, DJ Set and unexpected B-Stages

„Serenata Rap“, one of my favorites, came up pretty soon, so many memories connected to that songs! During “Fame” the show moved more towards the middle of the arena. The front part of the stage was elevated and turned to extend the catwalk so Jovanotti could hop on the B-Stage that was pretty much hidden until then. A set with mostly electronic music (and Jovas rapping of course) followed. My personal highlight came a bit later, Jovanottis super hit „L’Ombelico Del Mondo“! It wasn’t just my highlight, the audience went crazy!

The show kept surprising me. Once Jovanotti played the keyboard, later he was running around the stage again, everything was shown on the big screen in the background. Sometimes it was video clips, then live sequences of the show, or other shots. The one that stayed with me was the video clip where a bunch of cockroaches crawl all over the band – how disgusting! At least once or twice some boobies even made an appearance 🙂

Jovanotti close and personal

The italian kept shaking hands and being very approachable. At some point he took fans’ cell phones and recorded himself and the fans. Talking about fans, during one particular song there were video sequences shown where Jovanotti is shown as just another normal fan in the audience. Just dancing, singing and being excited. Very likeable! But even cooler was the way he introduced his band. Every member was introduced separately while his name showed up on the big screen!

After the mandatory encore Jova spent a few minutes reading signs and talking to fans. One sign had a song request, unfortunately it seemed to be a quite old song that he hadn’t played in a long time, so he apologized and said he couldn’t sing that one. He did however make a little girl very happy. She spent most of the show on her dads shoulders and enjoying her apparently 2nd concert from up there. Jovanotti then sang her favorite song  how sweet is that?

But then it was time to say goodbye. The show was definitely over. The memories will stay for a long time though. And again, this was another show with many songs I didn’t know or understand, still, it’s safe to say, I would totally go see Jovanotti again!

Concert Pictures: Jovanotti at Hallenstadion