Last Tuesday we had the opportunity to meet handsome latino singer Alvaro Soler, and ask him some questions.
We talked about his last album, unfulfilled wishes and when he is going to be back on Tour.


Interview with Alvaro Soler

You participated with the band Urban Lights, which you created with your brother and some friends, at the spanish TV show „tu si que vales“. How was this experience?

Good, it was amazing! Together with this group, we wanted to open up to a broader audience, since back then, we were living in Barcelona and we needed a bigger audience. So, we decided to be part of this show, so that more people could see us. This actually worked: we made it to the final, and then, Sony offered us a contract. It was just amazing, I had just finished school when this opportunity showed up. Afterwards I moved to Berlin which was a very important moment for me. Back then, I couldn’t make a living out of my music, and I had many different jobs. I thought, that when I wanted to do Music, I should get as much as an engineer gets – well, actually that is what my father always said.

How was it for you, after the big break through came, and you got to hear one of your songs in the radio?
Honestly? It was really weird for me! With Urban Lights we had a lot of work, and all the money we made at the concerts we invested it in the new album. So, we knew exactly how hard a musician has to work. Having suddenly, as a single artist, one of your songs leading the chart lists in countries like Italy or Switzerland, was just something I could neither understand nor explain.

… and suddenly, Jennifer Lopez called

Yeah, I was asking myself: what is going on here? Of course, now I have realized everything. Back then all I could think of was: I hope I can handle everything that is going to happen. That for, the experience I had already made with Urban Lights was a huge help. I still keep thinking that all of this can end any time.

Well but now, with your song „la cintura“, which is very likely to become the new summer hit, and all the fans you have right now, you dont have to keep worrying about that.

Thank you very much! I have definitely the best fans, and they give me a lot. I love them so much!

Where did you write your last song?
We started in Los Angeles and finished it in Berlin. It happened between both cities. We are a three people team, two producers and me, and we always do everything together. At some point we thought going to America would be a great idea. In America they have a very different culture, sometimes also other ideas and that inspires us for our writing. We are not reserved people who are not open for new things, we always get inspired by new stuff, and we like to deep dive into new cultures.

Last year we went to your concert in Komplex and it was just amazing..
Oh you mean the mall? That location was really great. It was really good, people were on fire: it doesn’t happen to us very often, that we have to get out on stage again, after the bonus song.

What can we expect in september with your new album „mar de colores“?

It is a very personal album. The name of the album means „The Sea“ (mar) which is very important to me, because I was born in Barcelona and it is a place where I can relax. „The colors“ (los colores) are the different cultures I have in me, I feel and are a part of me. Each song has a completely different color, and in this case they are completely different colors than what we have seen until now. That is why it is going to be a completely new album. It is going to be something new and I am really looking forward to seeing what people say about it. But I really have no idea how they are going to think about it.

I guess you are algo going to be on tour?

Yes, the tour is going to happen in 2019. This year, we are going to play at some festivals and afterwards there is going to be a small tour. 5 concerts in 5 cities, meaning: 5 different capitals and tickets can only be won. We are most likely also going to be here in Zürich. This way, we can show our album in an intimate ambient to our most loyal fans. I am already nervous when I think about it!

I lived in Spain for a long time, and I missed quite some stuff from Switzerland back then. What are the pros and cons for you of living away from Spain?

The best thing is that you open yourself and stop being reserved. Also, you start appreciating Spain way more. Sadly, I didn’t realize I was living in one of the worlds most beautiful cities. Everybody was mentioning how beautful Barcelona was, but as a native, you don’t really realize it. After leaving Spain, I suddenly wanted to be at home more often. I must say, all Spain is very beautiful, now I am living between Madrid and Berlin. The most negative thing of leaving Spain and going to Berlin or Zürich is, that you will have way less sun. That is what I miss the most.

You have success in many different countries: Spain, Germany, Italy and also hier in Switzerland. What do you feel, when you see that your fans from other countries know your songs by heart?

That is just crazy! I dont know why so many people are able to sing spanish songs, even if they dont speak spanish. I think it is very funny. That is actually something positive, since that means they heard the songs plenty of times. I love it, when people come to concerts, since that is the most important thing. When the audience gives you so much, you feel it like an energy exchange.

Fan Questions

We are done with the first part of our interview. We asked our followers / your fans what they would like to know about you, and we received some questions:

Eveline: Are you considering singing in german?
I actually am half german, but no. It would be quite weird for me, and this would limit my audience. This is why I wouldn’t do an album in german.

Sabrina: do you have an unfulfilled wish, which you would like to have fulfilled one day?
To do a world tour. That would be amazing. 

End the sentences…

Least but not last, we always have some sentences we would like you to finish as spontaneous as possible:

I go online and the very first thing i see is…

Skype, Apple, el Pais, Yahoo…
Zürich is..

Zürich is.. I always have to think inmediately about Raclette! I love to eat! I have a friend here in Zürich and this is why I attach it to the Zürichsee.
What my fans don’t know about me…
My fans know everything about me, I have nothing to hide -smile-.
This week I am going to be in Italy participating in a Charity Rally. Its name is 1000 Miglia Charity and it is a famous rally founded in 1977 where oldtimers participate. It goes 4 days and I am going to be there one of those days. Charity is collecting money for a children hospital specialized in cancer. But I think my fans will already know this, when the interview is out.
Today I would like to…
Finish work after this interview.

Thank you so much for this amazing interview and for your time. It was really nice meeting you.