Last week it was Zurich’s turn to host Macklemore for yet another concert. This time it was only him, Ryan Lewis was not joining him on this tour. Also the venue got a bit smaller, instead of playing Hallenstadion (like the last couple of times) Macklemore was now performing at the Samsung Hall. The fans still bought tickets, the show was sold out and the fans celebrated the rapper from Seattle.

With a couple of minutes delay, the show finally started a little after 8.30pm. “Ain’t gonna die tonight” was the first song to be performed, one of the songs off Macklemore’s new album “Gemini”. Even though Ryan Lewis wasn’t part of this tour, the big hits that Macklemore brought out with him, wouldn’t miss from this set list. It was a nice mixture of older and newer songs, so even if you didn’t know many of the new songs, you’d still enjoy the show.

A slightly smaller show… But still great!

If you’ve been to a Macklemore concert before, you know that these shows are always very energetic and mostly upbeat. This show at Samsung Hall wasn’t an exception. What I noticed though, the show has gotten a bit smaller, not only the stage, but  there seem to be less people on stage (I really missed the strings that were on stage for most songs at the first show I’ve been to), the Macklorettes (dancers) went down to 2 dancers… The show as such is still very similar to the last ones, we still get to see the ridiculous but funny blonde wig during “And we danced”, there’s still a dance battle to “Dance Off” and literally standing in the middle or actually above the crowd during “Can’t hold us” is still in the show. That part btw is my personal highlight, don’t know what it is, but the song still makes me jump up and down like a kid 🙂

After the show Macklemore stayed up on the stage for a while longer, the lights went out, but the rapper was still there, throwing towels into the crowd. Apart from me never wanting to even touch a sweaty towel, I’m sure the fans really appreciated it. In general Macklemore seems to have been in a “sharing-mood”. In the very beginning he brought out all the leftover fruit from the dressing room and shared it with some lucky fans in the crowd.

All in all I can say, it was a cool concert that spread lots of love and great vibes. This was my 4th show so far and even though I might find the older songs a tiny bit better, I think I would go see him a 5th time 😉

Concert Pictures: Macklemore at Samsung Hall