The south African with Swiss roots is finally back in Zurich! The warm temperatures outside, fit perfectly, with the mostly happy tunes of Jeremy Loops. Just like Mainland Music said in their latest post, we pretty much skipped spring and dove right into summer.

Before Jeremy Loops got on stage, we got to see the German band Impala Ray perform. Their songs are also quite up-tempo, so people were able to warm up nicely (not that it was cold in the venue….). After around 35mins, their slot was over and the stagehands started preparing the stage for the mainact.

Jeremy Loops gets us all up and dancing!

At 9.15pm the stage was all his. Jeremy Loops made his way up and started out with one of his newer songs: Freak. Shortly after, one of my personal favorites was on the setlist already, Sinner! As expected, the show was quite energetic and upbeat, with one little exception. Towards the end of the set, Jeremy suddenly sat on a chair, all by himself – the band left the stage. He told us that during his tour (this was the last show of the tour) he got really sick, maybe even some kind of bronchitis. The coughing must have been really bad because the band started worrying and brought him a chair so he can just sit down for a second. Turns out, he really liked this part and kept it for the rest of the tour. Just a couple of songs just him and his guitar – I like!

That “acoustic” part didn’t last too long though, after 2 (or maybe 3 songs?) his bandmates came back on stage and shortly after ended the gig with a big bang. Not just one actually, a bunch of huge balloons came out and were thrown into the audience. Once they popped, it started raining confetti 🙂

This was my 3rd time seeing Jeremy Loops live. Just like the first 2 times, I was loving this show too! I really don’t know how anyone can stand still at a Jeremy Loops show. I for my part, am having sore muscles today, from all the dancing 🙂


Concert pictures: Impala Ray @Volkshaus Zurich


Concert Pictures: Jeremy Loops @Volkshaus Zürich