Last Friday it was time for the 11th Swiss Music Awards. Once again it was held at the Hallenstadion in Zurich. Here’s a short review on what the highlights of the evening.

The big SMA winner of 2018

Rapper Nemo from Biel made sure to start this year with a big bang. He was the big winner of the night. For the first time in the history of this award, he won 4 times. He took home the 4 cement trophies in the following categories „Best Live Act“, „Best Breaking Act“, „Best Male Solo Act“ and „Swiss Hit of the year”. He was also totally prepared for his speech. He pulled out a little yellow notebook where he had written down everyone he should thank.

Emotional moments on stage

One of the most emotional moments was for sure the „Tribute Award”. Martin Ain, member of the iconic metal band Celtic Frost, unexpectedly passed away last year. His life partner was handed the trophy for the “Tribute Award”. Via screen a few of Martins friends and fellow metal musicians paid their respects. Another tear-jerker was the performance of Sina and Büne Huber (singer of Swiss band Patent Ochsner), singing “Di gfallene ängel” – in memory of Polo Hofer and Hanery Amman, 2 legends in the Swiss music scene.

Where are the women?

Once again, the amount of female artists was alarming low. Prior to the award show, this topic has already been discussed in the media and at the event „SMA presents“. The two male artists Baschi and Manilio also addressed this problem. Manilio then also said “I’m saying this again slow, so everyone can write it down: equal rights are a human right! Let’s see how the SMA or the swiss music scene in general will handle this.

Liveacts of #SMA2018

The legendary German punk band Die Toten Hosen were probably the biggest showact of the night. With their song “Alles Passiert” the mood in the audience was raised a bit. There were actually a bunch of fans with signs and flags right behind us. The band Hecht then surprised us with shiny silver sweaters (after walking over the red carpet in pink jackets) and fun dances. Trauffer then ended the show with his song „Schnupf, Schnaps & Edelwyss“. With the oh so often mentioned “Yolo” which is also one of my favorite term, I’m ending this part of the review. Now off to the other winners 🙂

Happy Swiss Music Award Winners

Züri West brought home 2 cement blocks for „Best Group“ and „Best Album“, while Eliane got hers for „Best Female Act”. Ed Sheeran won 2 awards for „Best Solo Act International“ and „Best Hit International“. Sadly he wasn’t there in person, but thanked the voters via video message. Fun fact, while he was announced as the winner, the LED wall at the venue showed Rag’n’Bone Man.You can see, no one is safe from a little technical issues 😉

All Winners of SMA 2018

Best Male Solo Act :Nemo
Best Live Act: Nemo
Best Beaking Act: Nemo
Schweizer Hit des Jahres: Nemo: «Du»
Best Female Act: Eliane
Best Group: Züri West
Best Album: Züri West: Love
Best Talent: Crimer
Best Act Romandie: Danitsa
Best Solo Act International: Ed Sheeran
Best Breaking Act International: Rag’n’Bone Man
Best Group International: Imagine Dragons
Best Hit International: Ed Sheeran: Shape of You

SMA 2019

Mark your calendars! The date for next year’s award show is announced already: 01.02.2019. If you want to be part of this show, make sure to check back here soon. We’ll keep you updated about ticket sales. It’s definitely a different kind of feeling to be there in person and not have to see it on TV.