Who already knows him? After his appearance on Germanys „Das Supertalent“ everyone should actually know him. In case you don’t, keep reading, this is what we’re here for. We’ll introduce you to this very likeable and talented singer from Lausanne.

As the name suggests, this young musician isn’t originally from Switzerland. Back in 1992, Alejandro Reyes was born in Chile. At the age of 10, he then moved to, Lausanne in Switzerland with his family, after a short stint in Canada. Surprisingly, he then took up the skating and not music (yet)…

After skating came music

While an injury put the skater career on hold, Alejandro found his way to music. Well, actually he was almost forced on this path as a friend of his gave him a guitar. What happened after, we basically know already. Even though Alejandro grew up in quite a musical family, he never thought about music much or even thought he could sing or make music himself. We’re glad he was forced to think about this at some point. Even though it might have been a setback at first, that broken ankle was the reason we can enjoy Alejandro’s catchy pop music with this great latino-touch.

In the beginning you might not even notice… But when you take a closer look, you’ll realize: this guitar player is missing a hand. How can he play his guitar you might ask? For others this might  be a huge obstacle, but for Alejandro that never really was a problem. At some point he crafted his own glove with a pic attached to it, so he can still strum his guitar without hurting himself. And he is strumming alright! His live performances are mainly just him, his guitar and a loop station. Just like Ed Sheeran performs, and he definitely won over millions of people – may Alejandro follow in his footsteps.

From the streets to the Eurovision Song Contest?

Just as many other musicians, he took his first steps on the street as a busker. He didn’t stay there for long. During the past couple of years he was able  to get on some great stages. Be it infront of 80’000 people at the Stade de Suisse or as an opener for the late Johnny Hallyday at the Arena de Genève. Will his next big audience be all of Europe during the Eurovision Song Contest? Together with 5 other artists/bands he is competing to be the Swiss candidate for this year’s ESC! On February 4th he will be performing at the final show, broadcasted live from the TV Studios in Zurich. Who will decide who gets to go? 50% of the votes will come from a professional jury and the other 50% will come from the TV viewers. So YOU can support your favorite singer (we do hope it is Alejandro ;-)). Even though all 6 candidates are talented musicians, we definitely root for Alejandro!


Where will this Compass lead him to?

With his song “Compass” the Chilean singer wants to hit the ESC stage. The song will officially be released on February 2nd, but you can already have a listen further down. Once “Compass” is released, it will of course be available for streaming and purchase. Find your preferred service: https://lnk.to/compassIB

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Image source: Darrin Vanselow