It’s been a while since I’ve seen Nelly Furtado, but this past Friday I had the chance to see here again again. Nelly Furtado and Nek were performing as part of the “Pop Superstars” Night of this years Baloise Session. This was also our first time in Basel but definitely not the last time.

As already mentioned in our review of Nek the entire set up and ambiance at Baloise Session just blew me away. The way the little tables all had their candles and the lights, great music coming up too – what more do you want?

Nelly Furtado @ Baloise Session 2017

Around 10pm we finally got to see Nelly Furtado get up on stage. The Canadian with Portugese roots was wearing a long white floating dress that night Even though the dress was a bit unflattering, the smile she brought with her was stunning. You could tell that Nelly was having fun and enjoying being on stage.

It seemed like the mood totally went down the drain though. It felt like half the audience fell asleep during the break. What a bummer, thinking about all the great hits Nelly has brought up, there’s quite a star up on stage. And it’s not like there weren’t any fans, there were, quite a few actually. Before us photographers were able to get out of the area infront of the stage, the fans already ran up there and barely let us out anymore.

During the show Nelly also pointed out a young girl with her mom she spotted in the crowd. Apparently a fan that has been around since 2001 and that has been showing up to several shows. What a nice gesture from Nelly – I’m sure the fan was thrilled to see that her Idol actually remembers her.

One hit after the other

I personally really liked “Fotografia” a song Nelly recorded with latino superstar Juanes. That night she sang it with her background singer Celia Palli – a wonderful duet. Their voices blended together beautifully. Of course she’s also performed her other hits like “Try” or “I’m like a bird” – songs that have been played on the radio nonstop. Just like “All Good Things (Come to an End)” a song she wrote with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, Timbaland ad Nate Hills. But even then, the room was rather silent. Hoping some people would sing, Nelly held her mic towards the crowd. I felt so sad for her, there was barely anyone singing… 🙁

The Show must go on!

Nelly didn’t show any disappointment, she totally kept going and put on a great show. Her smile was (at least for me) contagious and made her even more likable. She totally worked the stage, went from left to right and handed out high fives. She also performed a couple of new songs like “Phoenix” or “Cold Hard Truth” as one of the encores. Last but not least, we then got to listen to “Turn Off The Light”. That was the last song of the night unfortunately.

I have to say, I was positively surprised by Nelly Furtado. Female voices usually aren’t my thing really. But I really enjoyed this show. It was a shame the crowd was so lame. I was actually hoping it would stay very energetic after Nek got off stage. Too bad it didn’t.

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Concert Pictures: Nelly Furtado @ Baloise Session 2017