This past Friday it was finally time for Baloise Session. Nelly Furtado and Nek are playing at the “Pop Superstars” night of the indoor festival. It was also the first time for us in Basel and it was definitely not the last time.  

Obviously I knew what to expect from all the pictures and videos of Baloise Session, but when I walked into the venue I did have to sit down for a minute and take it all in. It was a magical view. The stage looked beautiful and even though the venue was still empty, there was a special atmosphere. The candles gave it a little romantic touch even.

Nek @ Baloise Session 2017

A little after 8pm the band of Italian pop/rock star came up on stage. Nek was up first! It didn’t take long until the crowd got up and partied. Of course our Italian neighbors are known to have a good time 😉 Filippo Neviani, Nek’s legal name, spread his Italian charm and people were eating it up! I loved how he also tried to say some words in German, he did switch back to Italian and English rather quick though.

Nek keeps very close to the fans

During the 2nd song Nek jumped off the stage and took a little stroll through the crowd. He checked some wine bottles, took a few selfies all while singing. The audience naturally loved it. Right before heading back to the stage he grabbed a fan and had her walk with him a little and had a little dance with her.

The crowd up front was having a great time already, the people in the back needed a little shove though, they were still a bit reserved. That did change gradually. Especially when Nek brought out the older songs like “Almeno Stavolta”. He then also asked people to get up from their chairs and have fun. He took another stroll through the crowd, and personally made everyone get up and dance. When he got back up on stage he realized how the people started sitting down again. He then asked in English: “What are you doing? Get up!” and shortly after the band even joined in and started playing Bob Marleys “Get Up, Stand Up”

Everyone is waiting for Laura

Before playing the song that everyone is here to hear, Nek announced his next song, “Fatti Avanti Amore”, the song he took back to the Sanremo Music Festival, the same festival that helped him breakthrough with “Laura Non C’è”. The crowd was now really awake and enjoying themselves. They were up and dancing – just the way it should be. Nek’s songs are rather upbeat and rock-ish, so I personally don’t understand how people can actually sit on their bums all night.

Then, last but not least, there it is. The song everyone was waiting for: “Laura Non C’è”. Unfortunately every show has to come to an end. I would have loved to listen to Nek a while longer, the meanwhile 45yr old Italian singer has still got it!

Next up is Nelly Furtado. To check out the review for her show, head over to: Nelly Furtado @ Baloise Session 2017

Concert Pictures: Nek @ Baloise Session