Prior to her show at the Moods club, we got the chance to talk to Haley Reinhart about Music, Switzerland and her female celebrity crush. If you haven’t yet heard of her, it’s time to go check her out now. Especially now that you know she’ll be playing in Zurich pretty soon. You won’t regret it!

Yes, Haley Reinhart was discovered through yet another casting show. But she is so much more than just a casting show participant. At the moment she is recording her 3rd studio album. Her 2nd album “Better” has just been released last year. The songs on “Better” are super catchy, her voice with that soul touch is amazing. You can hear a lot of different musical genres on the album. Anything from soul, jazz a little bit of blues or just great pop and rock tunes.  End of May she’ll be heading out on tour through Europe, hitting stages in Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, The Netherlands, UK and Ireland.

All Details About Haley Reinhart’s Show In Switzerland

Date: 27. May 2017
Venue: Moods, Zürich
Doors: 19:30
Start: 20:30
Tickets: via Starticket (there are also VIP M&G Tickets available!)

Just so you know what to expect, here’s the one song that got me hooked:


Interview with Haley Reinhart

Have you been to Switzerland before? If no – what are the things you want to do/try when you’re here?
Switzerland was actually the first place I’d ever been to outside of the U.S. I had the honorable pleasure of singing standards with my high school jazz band, in Geneva, for Monteaux Jazz Festival. It was such an eye opening experience for me – on so many levels. I’ll never forget the vibrant plantation, riding in a bus over cliffs and waterfalls, and singing to such adoring crowds. I’ve been to Zurich more recently, touring with Postmodern Jukebox. I cannot wait to get out there again, this time… on my own headlining tour!

How would you describe your music to someone who doesn’t know you yet?
I usually go with Retro-soul-pop. In my eyes, these three genres breed endless possibility… I come from a rock n roll background, so that is always present, along with my own soulful twist. I also love singing jazz. So when folks come to one of my shows, they can expect a wide array of music unfolding like a story book.

Being “discovered” by a casting show – in your eyes, is this a curse or blessing?
[American] Idol will always be much more of a blessing than a curse. Sometimes it takes longer for people to realize what I’m truly capable of & understand that I’m a serious artist with a clear vision. Aside from that, it has completely broadened my horizons. It’s given me a platform and a fan base that I am forever grateful for and working to grow and expand.

If you would have to start your career again, with no casting shows in the picture, how would you do that?
I’m sure that I would be gigging with multiple bands and making albums in my hometown of Chicago. Maybe I’d be in Los Angeles by now. Either way, one thing is certain… I would be singing and writing music with positive & empowering messages to send out to the universe. I do believe, I’m always right where I’m supposed to be.

If you could perform with anyone in the world – who would it be (can be someone dead or alive)
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Brian Wilson, and The Rolling Stones to name a few… 🙂

With all the many interviews you give, is there something you’ve never been asked before, but would love to answer, or tell the world?
Hmmm.. maybe, “Why do you love music?” Music is a way of life for me… I hear it in the trees, all of my surroundings, and in everything that I do. My mind is constantly making up melodies inspired by the world around me. I’m lucky to have parents who are very musically inclined. It is because of them and my destiny, that I feel love through music and hear music through love.

We always have a section where we ask the artist to end sentences that we’ve started. Just complete the sentences as fast as possible and don’t think about it too long 🙂

The last thing I do before going on stage is… Smile and relax as much as possible! 
When I think of ostriches, I… think of Australia.
Touring in Europe will be different because… there’s oh so much to see and food to eat!
I can’t say no to… a good time!
If I was a guy, my female celebrity crush would be…  Scarlet Johansson