„Ey, da müsste Musik sein, überall wo du bist….“ which means as much as: hey, there should be music, everywhere you are … How fitting! Without music, nothing really works for me. I’m honored that I get to write a post for the girls at Loads of Music. This article is about the show of exactly the guy that said those words mentioned in the beginning. Thanks for having me Loads of Music! 

Ever since I’ve heard “Musik Sein”, the single of this young german singer/songwriter Wincent Weiss, the earlier mentioned sentence has stuck with me and have gotten to be some kind of principle for me. It was pretty clear that I just had to go see that artist live. On Sunday April 2nd Wincent Weiss played a sold out show at the Plaza in Zurich. This was the last of 3 stops in Switzerland, on his “Musik Sein Tour 2017) – these were also his first headlining shows ever (in Switzerland).

Surprises were guaranteed

For once I wasn’t really able to get “ready” for the show during my drive to Zurich. I basically only had his 3 singles available to listen to: „Regenbogen“, „Musik sein“ and „Feuerwerk“. The debut album “Irgendwas gegen die Stille” is only being released on April 14th, right after the tour. I have to admit, it was a bit awkward to go to a show where you don’t really know what (other) kind of songs/music to expect. But I was confident that I will for sure be surprised in one way or another. 🙂

Screams and squealing – a warm welcome

After supporting act “Julia Kautz” ended her set, the screaming teenage girls made Wincent Weiss feel quite welcome, even throughout the beginning of the opening song “Mittendrin”. But during the next 75 minutes, we were a actually able to hear music as well. Thanks to several live YouTube videos, the mostly younger audience was singing along to the songs, even though the album wasn’t even out yet.

Enjoying an acoustic set

The two songs „Regenbogen“ and „Unter meiner Haut“ were both accompanied by just a piano and a cello. Especially during these songs you could tell and see how professional and passionate the musicians on stage were. Later on, during a German Pop-Medley, the 6 piece showed off their talents, how they harmonize on stage and how they’re also  having fun while playing.

Definitely no fear of contact

During „Unter Meiner Haut“ and „365 Tage“, Wincent showed that he certainly doesn’t mind some physical contact. He left the stage to head down to the audience. He stood smack in the middle of the crowd, sang with the fans, danced with them. It seems like he really likes being close to his fans, the smile on his face made him even more likable.

After the next couple of songs, such as „Herzlos“, „365 Tage“ or „Frische Luft“, the singer also showed his humorous side. Every now and then he tried to speak Swiss German, he quickly realized that he still had a lot to learn though. He apparently received a little gift a while back, a dictionary for the Swiss German language. He’ll be practicing with that and will hopefully be able to say a few more words when he comes back to Switzerland. And yes, he will be coming back together with his band, in November 2017.

Encore with some fireworks

Wincent came back for an encore and performed the ballad “Ich tanze leise”, quite an emotional song that touched many of his young fans. Closing song was then “Feuerwerk” – fireworks. Looking at the fans, I can imagine, some of them definitely had some sparks in them 😉

I do have to admit, I felt so old that night. I was a little worried that I would not fit in with the crowd, it was a basically just a bunch of young teenagers. But let me tell you this, after those 75 minutes of catchy pop tunes, I can confirm: Wincent Weiss is not just pretty face, him and his musicians are the real deal. The music is great and the lyrics are punchy, catchy and also deep – there is no age limit with this music!

CD Release and more Livedates

Mark your calendars, on April 14th you’re in for a treat. The German music scene will be adding to its repertoire and will hopefully not only make teenage girls happy, but everyone else too. These guys deserve to have more fans!

Wincent Weiss live in Switzerland:

  • 10.6.2017 Argovia Fäscht, Birrfeld Tickets
  • November 2017 auf Tour (details will follow soon)