He may only have one album out, but Alvaro Soler has become quite the musical phenomenon in Switzerland -and outside of it- for some time now. Only 26 years old, he’s already got two big hits in his name: „El mismo Sol” and „Sofia”. 
Yesterday, the charming singer made a stop at the Zürich Komplex 457 for his “Eterno Agosto” tour. The hall was filled with fans screaming out of control, who could hardly wait to see him perform!

Opening act – Alaska

Before the half-Spaniard came onto stage, the fans could enjoy a performance by Alaska. With her keyboard and soothing voice, the Berlin-based producer and composer sang several beautiful songs.

Concert pictures: Alaska

Alvaro Soler – fiesta española

Punctual like a Swiss clock, the lights went out at 9 pm and there he was! 
Alvaro, who was his cheerful and charming self, opened with “Animal“. The fans in the front rows went out of control, as did Alvaro himself, who was dancing along with the band from the first second on. 
Alvaro took the time to enthusiastically greet the fans and emphasized that he really felt at home in Switzerland. Next song on the setlist was a song that cannot be found on the album: “Veneno“. After that, the audience was treated to all his well-known hit songs, including “Volar“, “Lucia” that he wrote for his sister, and of course “El mismo sol“.

An encore with a surprise

Alvaro wanted to finish the concert with the wonderful summer hit “El mismo solBUT that didn’t go as planned… After the encore and the goodbyes, the fans were still longing for more and screamed out “We want more” as loudly as they could, until sympathetic Alvaro appeared back on stage. Being forced to improvise, he allowed the fans to pick the last song. That was “Sofia“, of course.
I am convinced that Alvaro has won hundreds of hearts this evening. An amazing concert that left many people breathless.
I as a Spaniard always get homesick when I attend Spanish concerts. Somehow, the mood is just quite different, and you feel right at home again, in Spain.

Alvaro is already planning another visit…

That’s right! All Swiss fans can already start looking forward to the next concert, because there will be 7 more gigs!

The next tour dates:

14. März Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln
15. März Salle Metropole Lausanne
9./10. Juni Argovia Fest

17. Juni Stars of Sounds Aarberg

15. Juli Der Berg Bebt Flims

28. Juli Open Air Etziken 

23. November Bieler Christmas Session

Be sure to get your ticket at www.ticketcorner.ch

Concert pictures: Alvaro Soler