After taking a one year break, the prestigious Live at Sunset is back… Last week they announced that this year the festival is back and at the same time posted parts of this year’s acts. As usual, the line up is pretty neat. There have been some interesting changes though. Keep reading to find out what these are.  

If you’ve been to or know the Live at Sunset, you know that the line up almost reads like a list of Grammy nominees. The artists are always very well-known and successful. This year isn’t any different… Check out the list of acts playing

Live at Sunset 2017 Line-Up

Saturday, 8. July              

Tuesday, 11. July

Thursday, 13. July

Saturday 15. July

Wednesday, 19. July

Saturday, 22. July

Other acts will be announced at a later stage. So if your fave isn’t on the list yet, don’t worry, there’s still a chance 😉

More information about the Live at Sunset 2017

Doors: 6pm
Concert beginning: 8.30pm
Concert end: latest 11pm
Tickets: Starticket Tickets are available starting at CHF 70.- (can vary depending on the artist)

The concerts are no longer being held on the Iceskating rink as it’s beeing renovated. But the new location is just across the road on the Dolder Driving Range. On of the big changes, that will probably make many happy, they’ve created 2 new GA sectors. There’s the “Frontrow Standing” area, obviously right in front of the stage. Right behind that area will be the “normal” standing area. Of course there will still be the seats, which are now located behind the standing areas. Some of them will still be covered – which is probably a good thing, as you never know what the Swiss summer has in store for you :))

Our recommendation

Go, do it, get tickets! It will be worth it. The atmosphere is always very unique and you’ll see great artists playing in a great setting. Some people may have said that the festival is a bit stiff, referring to the all-seats setting. I can’t totally disagree with that, but since there will be a couple more standing tickets, I’m pretty sure that the atmosphere will be loosening up a bit, just by having the hardcore fans partying up there… So, make sure to get your tickets early, these shows usually sell out way faster than you’d expect. Yes, the shows are rather pricey. But it’s worth it!  

If you want to see whom we’ve seen at Live at Sunset before, head over here: Loads of Music at Live at Sunset. There’s also a „Behind the Scenes“ post. We were able to take a peek behind the curtains before James Arthur took the stage.


Image source: Live at Sunset