This year we’re in for a treat! The US singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw will be playing not only once, but twice in Switzerland. For those of you who know me, you can imagine that this is almost like winning the lottery. After skipping Switzerland on the last tour, he’s now making up for it and will be coming to Zurich and Basel.

Even though I was lucky enough to see  Gavin DeGraw twice in November (in the US), I’m very much looking forward to having him back in my hometown – there’s nothing better than that, is there? And that’s not all, the cherry on top is, that the EU tour will be an acoustic tour! To be honest, that’s how I prefer to hear Gavin’s music.

All details about Gavin DeGraw’s Concerts in Switzerland

Gavin DeGraw in Zürich:

Date: 05. May 2017
Venue: X-TRA, Zürich  
Doors: 7pm
Start: 8pm
End: 10.30pm
Tickets: via Starticket and Ticketcorner (starting at CHF 60.-)

Gavin DeGraw in Basel:

Date: 06. May 2017
Venue: Volkshaus, Basel  
Doors: 7pm
Start: 8pm
End: 10.30pm
Tickets: via Starticket and Ticketcorner (starting at CHF 50.-)

What to expect from “An Acoustic Evening with Gavin DeGraw” you may ask, well, check this out:


Something Worth Saving

Gavin’s newest album “Something Worth Saving” is definitely worth buying! Ok, maybe I am a bit biased, I admit it 😉 But seriously, it’s a great album. Gavin has moved into more pop-music a bit during the last couple of years. This has most certainly helped him get a few more fans. For some of the “older” fans, the music may have become a little too pop-ish, but it has also given him more radioplay and spread his music on a different level.

I have to admit, I do like his older songs better too. But nevertheless, the newer songs are great pop-songs and you can still clearly see that he’s an extremely talented musician. But then again, he could be singing the phonebook for all I care, I’d still love him 😉

Oh and just so you know, there are a few songs on the new album, that’ll take you way back to his first albums. You’ll hear the “early” Gavin, the one that made me fall in love with him 🙂 So yeah, there’s something for everyone on that new album.

How do I get Gavin DeGraw’s music?

Very easy… Here are all the links that’ll get you Gavin’s music:

Gavin DeGraw: Spotify
Something Worth Saving auf iTunes, Google Play etc.