It’s been a while, but I finally got around to edit (and find) my pictures of Kelvin Jones livingroom concert this summer. It was quite the challenge to make it happen, but it all worked out in the end and Kelvin played a private and intimate livingroom concert in Zurich. Just a few months later Kelvin played his first big headlineshow with a full band at Mascotte in Zurich.

In June Kelvin posted a video on Facebook and Instagram asking for people who’d want to host a livingroom show. Our good friend Vanessa of Delu Cake offered her livingroom and looky look, a few weeks later Kelvin stood right there in her apartment.

Boy was that a cool evening! Most of our best friends were there, a few neighbors and a lot of great snacks (it definitely didn’t hurt to have a great cook and baker hosting the evening). Kelvin then performed many of his great songs and also a few really awesome covers. It was great to see him in such small and intimate way, I guess that will probably never happen again. I did however get to see him a few months later in a tiny bar in New York, which was pretty cool too. But yeah, then again, having a great artist perform in an actual livingroom is quite cool and very special!

Apparently there are a few more good news coming up soon from Kelvins side. Let’s hope it’s either a tour or album announcement. Some of you might know, he’s just recently been on tour with Milow and was invited to support Italian superstar Zucchero at the Royal Albert Hall. Just last week Kelvin put out a video of him covering James Bay’s “Let It Go”. How cool is this?

Since my laptop decided to commit suicide a few months back, I unfortunately lost many of my beloved pictures (yeah, I know, backups are important – I learned the hard way). Luckily I was able to salvage pictures of this evening from my SD Card… There are also 2 more posts online about Kelvin, so don’t forget to check them out too:

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