With Christmas just around the corner, I was up for my last concert of the year. This time X Factor Italia Winner Marco Mengoni was on my list. The Italian singer easily filled out the Volkshaus. Right around doors opening, I could still see a few fans desperately looking for tickets – the show had been sold out for months…

Shortly before 8, we were escorted to the front of the stage of the Volkshaus. You could already cut the tension with a knife. The audience seemed to be extremely excited. Maybe it was just the Italian vibe ;-). One thing is for sure, they will probably never again see Marco Mengoni in such a small venue. The singer is already a superstar in Italy and fills out huge arenas. Naturally his shows in his home country are massive productions, it’s not unusual for him to be brought to stage by a flying couch for example. Obviously the show here was way smaller and stripped down. No special effects, just him, the band and beautiful music – which of course is just as cool as a big show.

Marco Mengoni  – Italo Power in Zurich

The fans had already organized 2 little surprises for their favorite singer. During the first song „Guerriero“ he was welcomed by a bunch of posters welcoming him. Marco who took the stage together with a complete band and 2 background singers didn’t need much time to get warmed up. He was there from the first second on. The atmosphere (even without a support act) was already heated up nicely.

In the beginning Marco tried to welcome the audience with a few English words (as he explained, he doesn’t speak German or Swiss German). The audience convinced him pretty fast that everyone speaks Italian anyways. So that was it with English. Which also meant, I was completely lost, as I don’t speak Italian 😀 I’m sure I must have been the only one in the audience that had no idea what he was saying. But in the end, that really didn’t matter. I was there for the music, which I could clearly feel in my heart – no translations needed 🙂

Italians Know How To Party!  

During the entire show the fans were having the time of their lives. They danced, sang along, I think I might have seen a tear or two as well. The majority of people up on the gallery was standing from the very beginning and dancing their butts off. After a couple of songs, not just the majority but every single person (that I could see) was up on their feet and enjoying the music. Every now and then Marco was talking in between songs, while people were cheering, I was there wondering what he said, because, you know Io non parlo italiano 😀 The mood and atmosphere in the venue was amazing. Everyone was super happy and relaxed. Even in the very last row people were dancing and enjoying the show or were slow dancing during the ballads.

When Not Only The Singer Is In The Spotlight

I personally love it when the band or the background singers get to shine. During several shows especially the background singers were able to show us what they’ve got. And man, let me tell you, they’ve got IT! Those two girls have amazing voices! Every now and then the musicians were able to show us their talents. As usual, I really enjoyed the little solo the bassist got… I don’t know, I might just have a soft spot for bass players – well, for their music and their instrument that is 😉

As mentioned, there were 2 surprises planned. The second one wasn’t until closer to the end of the show. During the „L’Essenziale“ everyone was asked to light up their phones or lighters. The venue literally lit up, what a beautiful view that must have been from up on stage. Even though it’s almost “normal” to light up something during ballads, it felt different this time…

How About Some Partytunes To End The Show

I guess we’ve all established that Marco Mengoni has a bunch of beautiful ballads that really bring his voice out. But, ladies and gents, he can also party! To close the show, he decided to mash it up a bit… First we got to see him turn into a little partyrocker during his Dance Medley. Beats were faster and the lights changed colors and shapes and forms just as fast. To then finally end the night, he brought the pace down a little, a little more groove and relaxed was his Reggae Medley

When leaving the venue, you could still feel the happiness and excitement. People were happy, I would say Marco did a good job! I heard some people asking when the next show will be, they just can’t get enough! Quite a few fans found their way to the stage entrance. Hoping they could see their idol once more, maybe even get a selfie? Well, I guess some of them were in luck. On you can find some pictures of the crowd and some lucky girls getting hugs and selfies (and some concert pictures as well).

To end this post, here are our pictures as well:

Concert Pictures: Marco Mengoni at Volkshaus Zurich