After seeing Jeremy Loops at the Kulturfestival St. Gallen this summer, I was lucky enough to see him again this weekend. This time in beautiful Lucerne at the Schüür and also with my camera to take some pictures.

Before Jeremy Loops got on stage, it was Mat McHughs turn. The Australian musician was the support act on this tour and made it his goal to properly warm up the crowd. The talented Oz singer who usually performs with his band The Beautiful Girls did exactly that. With his very chill, loungy but with electro beats infused tunes got the audience in the right mood. Of course I got a few pictures of the bearded musician:

Jeremy Loops at Schüür Lucerne

A little after 10pm we were able to hear the first sounds of Jeremys harmonica – it was about to start! The audience was ecstatic and started dancing and singing immediately. No matter if it was only Jeremy on stage or if the entire band was playing, the audience loved it. There was almost no talking during the songs but a lot of cheering, singing along and dancing. The sold out venue therefore ended up transforming into a small sauna…

Especially during songs like “Down South” or “Sinner” you could really hear the people sing along, they knew every word… The south african musician asked how many people have been to a show before, to my surprise, there were quite a few that have seen him live before. But of course the majority was “first-timers” – the atmosphere was super chill and cool. I’m sure the people that haven’t seen him before, were now hooked! You really can’t stand still during Jeremy Loops’ performance. Also the people in the front rows were super chill, it was great to see that they weren’t annoyed by us photographers. A big thank you to the girls that made sure we had enough space and could do our job. That doesn’t happen often in venues where there’s no pit – so thanks again! 🙂

So, without further ado – here are the pictures

Concert pictures Jeremy Loops at Schüür Luzern