I think It’s time to introduce you to another “new” musician… This time it’ll be all about this young Cypriot living in London: Metaxas! I’ve discovered him quite a while ago, but for a while he has been a bit quiet, up until a few months ago when I kind of re-discovered him for myself.

At a rather young age, he was able to show his talent to millions of people. He came in 2nd  in the Greek Version of X-Factor! Not much later he composed “Firefly” the Song his sister Christina sang at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. In the meantime Metaxas studied Music Production and Engineering at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston (where also John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw or Quincy Jones – among many others of course – have attended).

How Gavin DeGraw “helped” me discover Metaxas

Once more, I have discovered Metaxas’ music coincidentally via Twitter. Someone had posted a video of his cover of Gavin DeGraw’s “Belief”. As you all know, I’m very picky when it comes to GDG covers, but this one somehow just convinced me and made me look at the other videos. Pretty fast I went through all of them and had to admit that I really liked what I saw and heard! During the next couple of months I was lucky enough to be part of some of his Ustreams. He did a couple of those back then… (Hey you – if you’re reading this – we’d love some more Ustreams :))

My first Metaxas Album: Square One

Then finally, in April 2011 the long-awaited Album “Square One” was released. A great album with some really catchy tunes and beautiful melodies! The bonus-track “I Got Your Back” had been released a bit before the album, and let me tell you, it made it up my Top25 list on my iTunes within days. Have a listen: I Got Your Back


Metaxas is back!

Music-wise it has been a bit quiet in the Metaxas camp for a while. This has definitely changed! A while ago I saw that Ronan Keating posted about his upcoming tour. I then saw this name on the picture: Metaxas! Wait… Is that THE Metaxas (he went by his full name earlier: Nikolas Metaxas. So I wasn’t sure at that point). But yes, it was him. What a nice surprise! Looks like he has done quite good for himself. Even better news, not only is he back, but he came back with a bang.

Metaxas new EP “Home” is out now!

New music! Yes, just this past Wednesday the brand new EP “Home” was released. So while Metaxas is on tour with Ronan Keating right now, he also put out a great new record. Make sure to give it a listen, you can purchase it here: Metaxas – “Home”. Check out Metaxas latest single “Timezones”

The 5 songs on the EP are all very catchy – I love how the guitar still is the main instrument that sticks out in every song. Having listened to his earlier songs a lot, I think you really can hear how Metaxas has changed and evolved musically. What gets me every time is how his voice sounds very soft and vulnerable but he still has that edge in it. A little raspy almost. Even though “Timezones” is a song that hits home for me a bit, my favorite at the moment is “Loving You Feel So Right”. Very catchy tune that makes you sing along. I’m actually sitting at my desk right now, not only nodding my head, but dancing on my little chair. Always a good sign 🙂

So yes, Metaxas is someone to watch. Make sure you follow him on his social media accounts to keep up to date. I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for him.