What a great evening it was. The first night of this year’s blues’n‘jazz definitely started out great. Joss Stone provided us with great music. Soul, reggae, an incredible voice and of course a bunch of sunflowers at the end…

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen this amazing singer a few times now. I’ve seen her in different locations (e.g. KKL in Lucerne or Kaufleuten in Zurich) and let me tell you, she has never disappointed me. This still hasn’t changed. Even though I had the feeling, the audience didn’t quite get her this time, she’s still a super talented artist! I definitely enjoyed the show once again.

Joss Stone enchants us with her voice, sunflowers and her charming self           

Of course the front row was pretty much filled with die-hard fans that have seen her many times. They’ve waited for hours in the scorching heat – the things you do to see your idol 😉 Seeing their faces light up, tells me that it was totally worth it. Naturally they were singing along and dancing from the very beginning.

As always, Joss seemed super sincere and almost a little shy at some point. As usual she performed barefoot and was wearing one of her adorable dresses. With her charming way, she keeps putting smiles on her fans faces. I love how she always tries to connect to the audience and sometimes even has conversations with fans.

When she announced the „last“ song, she quickly adds, that it isn’t really the last one (but I guess we all knew that :D) Of course there was an encore. Those who have seen her before knew what was going to happen now. She is handed a big bouquet of sunflowers and starts handing them out to the audience. Not so much hand them out this time, more like throwing them. But I could see some very happy fans catching the pretty yellow flowers. As always, a great way to end a show

Pictures of Joss Stone at blues’n’jazz in Rapperswil