Do you guys remember that blue-eyed handsome italian guy? The one who was always looking for Laura? Yep, I’m talking about Nek. A couple of years after his hit song „Laura non c’è came out, he is now back in Switzerland. The slightly older, but not less handsome Nek made many fans come to Zurich that night.

This blogpost will be a bit shorter than usual, unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the entire show. But I still want to show you the pictures. It was great to be able to officially take pictures again, a big thank you to Culture Communication GmbH and abc Production AG, that I was able to be there.

Even during the first songs, I definitely could see that the italians are still a very loud and euphoric people 😉 From the very first minute on they danced, sang a long and cheered. The italian singer seemed to really enjoy himself on stage too. I’m sure that some fans in the front rows were super happy when he came down to the barriers to shake some hands. But now, without any further ado, here are the pictures. Unfortunately not the best ever, there was no pit so we had to stand up on the balcony…