Some like gigs in huge arenas… I personally like the small and intimate ones. They give you an exclusive and very special concert-experience. A few weeks ago, I realized that Zurich has joined the BalconyTV-Family and I couldn’t be happier.

What is BalconyTV?

The plattform has been founded back in 2006 and showcases newcomers but also established artists on different balconies everywhere in this world. In June 2015 Zurich joined the family and now gives new bands and artists a place to show off their talent on the MFO building in ZurichOerlikon. In a stripped down or almost unplugged style, the bands perform their hits and answer questions during interviews.

On a weekly basis, videos everywhere from Australia to Africa are being produced and posted. In the meantime they’ve collected over 12’000 videos. If you want to know where else in the world BalconyTV exists, check out this link: BalconyTV

Who’s been on one of the balconies?

Barely 17 years old and still at the very beginning of his career, Ed Sheeran stood on the London „stage“ of BalconyTV and sang „The City”. But also The Script,  which is one of my favorite bands, have had the chance to perform on a balcony. Today, both acts are super successful and sell out huge arenas and have pretty big fanbases all over the world.

What’s happening in Zurich  

On BalconyTV Zurich you’ll find all Zurich videos. The last episode had Shem Thomas, who got out there thanks to his appearance on The Voice of Switzerland, sing his latest songs. We recommend you to check out this page regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything. You’ll be surprised what great acts will make their way up on the terrace. Also, make sure to go like their Facebook Page. You’ll be informed whenever a new video goes online: BalconyTV Zurich on Facebook.

Soon we’ll be able to get a sneak peek behind the scenes. Of course we’ll be sharing this experience with you as soon as possible.
So: stay tuned!


Image source: BalconyTV Zurich