Zermatt Unplugged goes Zürich. I’ve never been to the festival in Zermatt, but if it is anything like the one in Zurich, I think I might have to make a little trip to Matterhorn-City next year…

Even though the Zermatt Unplugged at Kaufleuten runs for 3 days, I decided to only go on Saturday. Not because the acts on the other days weren’t interesting, because hell they were (Alex Clare, Band of Horses etc), but because I really wanted to see Jack Savoretti live for the first time. The cherry on top was that Half Moon Run and Max Herre performed the very same night

Zermatt Village in Zürich

Not only the name of the festival has travelled to Zurich. A miniature version of the city was set up on the terrace of Kaufleuten. It wasn’t just the Raclette or the decoration (fluffy and comfy pillows and blankets were spread on all the chairs) that made it special. It was the entire atmosphere… Even the way to the main entrance was decorated in such a cute way, it kinda felt like home:



The concerts

As mentioned, I went to see Half Moon Run, Max Herre & Friends and Jack Savoretti. But before the big names came on, I discovered this german indie rock band. Brothers of Santa Claus. The leadsinger was a little bit too spaced off for my taste. But the music wasn’t that bad at all.. There were serveral fans in the audience that were singing along, so they must have been doing something right.

When Half Moon Run came on, the space in the front got a little tight. There were many fans that came here just for them and now stood in the Kaufleuten Festsaal. Even though the bass was turned up a little to much for my taste, I was very surprised and really liked what I heard. I liked it so much I’m actually thinking about going to their show at Plaza on November 2nd.

Next up was Max Herre. The german singer/rapper didn’t come alone, he brought a few of his friends too. His set was at the Kaufleuten Klubsaal. I have to admit, I’m usually not the biggest fan of german artists, but Max – he knows what he’s doing. From the very first moment on, he totally had the audience eating out of his hands. Once Joy Denalane came on stage, the party really started. Joy’s powervoice and Max’s lyrics fit together perfectly. The little guest appearances of Afrob or Joy were certainly a highlight. The audience really started to get in the party mood. They sang along, danced and cheered. Yep, Max knows how to entertain a crowd. I definitely had fun, it was also great to see a swiss audience really get going and partying (that unfortunately doesn’t happen too often).

After Max, it was finally time to head back over to the Festsaal, where the last act of the evening was playing. My personal highlight: Jack Savoretti! There’s going to be a separate blogpost fort hat review. Why? Just because I really really liked the show. Here it is: Concert Review – Jack Savoretti @ Zermatt Unplugged Kaufleuten.

For now, here are my pictures of Brothers of Santa Claus, Half Moon Run and Max Herre. Sorry guys, quality isn’t that great, had some issues with my camera and the lighting 🙁