Finally! Joss Stone was back in Zurich this Saturday. Thanks to AllBlues, I was able to be there too and could witness another great show by the super talented young singer.

After seeing the great show at Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne, I definitely didn’t want to miss this show in Zurich’s Kaufleuten.

Shortly after 8pm the petite Joss Stone made her way up on stage. As usual with a cute white dress and of course barefoot. Right at the beginning of the show, Joss sung and danced to Super Duper Love and You Had Me. The british singer then announced that tonight there’ll be a couple new songs, but also a bunch of old songs.

New setup = great music…

Apparently the Zurich show was played with a new setup, so not only the soundcheck took a bit longer than usual, but also during the show, the bass player (probably the musical director and „big guy“ – that’s how Joss called him a couple times) was fiddling around on a laptop. Joss then told us that for her as well it was a new experience to have a laptop play certain sounds. Usually they just had musicians that played those sounds with their instruments.

The former HippieGirl kept seeking contact with the audience. Some lucky fans even got to request songs (which were actually played too). It felt like the radio shows back in the days, where you actually were able to request songs 🙂 Other than that, Joss kept singing to fans, making them feel like they were the only ones in the room. I saw some fans’ faces totally light up and almost melt after they were smiled or sung at. So cute!

Time travelling with Joss

Just as promised, it was kind of like a little journey through time. The older songs were mixed well into the setlist that also included a couple new ones, like Harrys Symphony which was inspired by Joss’ brother. Other songs from Joss’ new album „Water For Your Soul“ (which has a lot of reggae tunes on it) like Molly Town, Star or Cut The Line were performed as well. Pretty much every song came with a little story. The one thing that really stuck with me was this statement: I thought it was me, but no, he was just a twat! 🙂

Don’t forget about the amazing band!

It sure was a great concert. It’s a delight to see musicians that are totally into their instrument and into the music – seeing that they’re actually having fun at their jobs is awesome. Behind every great artist there is usually a great band which is equally important – at least to me it is. Also the background singers should not be forgotten, and my goodnes, these two ladies backing Joss have voices! Incredible. All in all, it was a real treat for all senses!

I need to admit, Allblues keeps getting really great musicians up on Swiss stages. And trust me, I’m not just saying this because Gavin DeGraw is one of them. But see for yourself and check out their Programm. You’ll find many great names (maybe also some you won’t recognize) on there, all of them incredible musicians, that’s for sure.