James_Morrison_Header1 KopieAawww James! It’s a pleasure seeing James Morisson live – every single time. This time I was lucky enough to see him on Radio 24’s #Stage24. Even though the gig seemed to be over in 2 minites (of course it lasted longer, but with good music, time flies by anyways, right?)

After all die-hard fans rushed up the 3 floors to the studio, I made my way up too. Luckily we all didn’t have to wait much longer. Only a couple minutes later the british singer/songwriter made his way up on the #Stage24 stage. Smiling and happy because he’s recognizing a lot of familiar faces up in front row 🙂 Of course these fans cheered and sang along to all the songs. The atmosphere was obviously great too. James started out with his brand new single “Demons”. His supporters in the front naturally sang a long and seemed to be jumping for joy. It’s great to actually see that actual fans made it to an event like this and not only guys that try their luck at contests. Not that they don’t deserve it – don’t get me wrong, but for musicians I’m sure it’s great to have die-hard fans there that sing along and party!

Unfortunately the whole thing was over after only 4 songs. But even during this short period of time, there was a small highlight. Not sure if I’ve heard this song live before, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. Have a look: James Morrison – The Letter


Since James’ new album „Higher Than Here“ is being released soon, I really hope there’ll be some EU tourdates in the near future. The british fans are a bit more lucky, UK dates are out already. But hey, let’s keep our fingers crossed for dates soon.

As always, #Stage24 was a great experience. Short but awesome! I personally really prefer these kind of small gigs. They’re the best! Of course, here are a couple of pictures, hope you enjoy 🙂