Today we’ve got something very special for you. Do you remember Alx Green and Matt Moorey? We’re happy to present to you exclusively 2 brand new live videos by these two talented guys.

The two brits just recently left Zurich (after performing at the 25 Hours Hotel) for Vienna, where these two videos were recorded.

Alx Green is performing „Hard To Fly“ off of his new EP „Oceans“. The song is about something quite personal and he’s leaving it open to everyone to interpret it in their own way.

Matt Moorey is performing „Old Pair Of Shoes“. This song can be found on Matt’s brand new EP „A Mile Off“. I’ve also asked him about the song and what it means to him. His answer (and I quote): I wrote and recorded it the day before I left (for this tour) and not even I know what it’s about.

Hope you check out these 2 great songs by 2 very talented musicians. Don’t forget to get their EP’s. Every cent you spend on the EP’s will help them stay on tour longer. Get their music here:

Alx Green – Oceans
Matt Moorey – A Mile Off