Some of you may have already heard about what happened this week. Alx Green and Matt Moorey were in Switzerland this week and played at the 25Hours Hotel Zürich West.

The two brits are on a EU tour at the moment and promoting their brand new EP’s. Alx Green’s EP’s can be bought here: “Oceans” . If you want Matt Moorey’s EP go over here: “A Mile Off”.

If you’re really lucky you might win a signed CD right here. More about the contest a little further down…

Let the show begin at 25Hours Hotel

Luckily I was able to leave work early on Tuesday, so I was able to go down to the venue and make sure everything’s working out and help the guys out a bit. After some issues with the cables and mics, the hotels technicians figuered everything out and they guys were ready to go!

8pm was showtime, the seats at NENI Restaurant were slowly filling up. Most of our guests were there too. Matt was the first one up. During the first song Alx was accompanying Matt on the guitar (while Matt was at the keyboard). Later on while on the guitar, Matt quite nicely showed that he isn’t just a gifted pianist but also very talented with the guitar. The audience was a little quiet at the beginning, but picked up pretty fast and wasn’t shy about clapping and even cheering every now and then. Matt had all the attention at some point. Especially with his little instrumental song. I loved it!

After a short break it was Alx’s turn. The beginning of his set was rather interesting. His guitar was laying on his lap. The first song sounded awesome though, it was kinda like an entire band was up on stage with him. In the meantime, the restaurant was almost full, so many sets of ears listening now! Some of them actually started taking out their phones to film and take pictures. At some point Matt was invited back on stage again for a song. Although both Matt and Alx are solo artists, we all agreed, they sound great together. Their voices sound seem to fit perfectly and blend together really nicely.

Covers and Babies

While both Alx and Matt sang their original songs, there were a couple cover songs mixed into the set. I have to say, they really sounded good. It’s always tough singing a cover – you always get compared to the original… I liked how the covers were all from artists I like too 🙂 be it Ben Howard, Ray LaMontagne or John Mayer. Some oft he people in the audience started to actually sing a long to the songs too.

The later it got, the more the audience woke up and created quite a nice atmosphere at the NENI Restaurant. There was singing, clapping, cheering. One girl (we’re not mentioning any names here :D) even went up to Alx and confessed she wanted his baby! Hahahaha

After Alx’s set, there was another short break before Alx and Matt ended the night with some more songs together. Then unfortunately, a little after 10pm the show was over. After the gig the guys actually sold a couple of their EP’s. I’m sure they were super happy, not just because people liked their music enough to buy a cd, but also because every penny made, will help them stay on the road. So thanks to everyone who bought a CD, that’s probably another day tourning Europe 🙂

All in all it was a really great and successful evening. Not only thanks to the people listening and enjoying the music, or thanks to the sold CD’s. But also because of the

25Hours Hotel Zürich West, who let Matt and Alx play that night. A big thank you to the entire team for the super fast and uncomplicated organization of this wonderful evening.

You can win something here!

So, just as promised, here’s the contest… We’ve got a signed copy of both EP’s to give away:


This is how it works:

  1. A “like” on our Facebook-Page would be great, surely Matt und Alx would be happy about a like as well.
  2. Comment on this blog post and tell us which CD you’d like to win and why. Don’t forget to enter your your e-mail address, we’ll need to be able to contact you in case you win.


Here’s some important information for our readers in Austria: Matt and Alex will be performing in Vienna on Tuesday September 8th. Please go check them out, they’ll be playing at the 25Hours Hotel in Vienna.

Here are a couple of pictures of Alx and Matt at the 25Hours Hotel Zürich West:

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