I was lucky enough to join Nicole of to the #bemoretea Lipton Event. The Lipton Rooftop was located on the top deck of the parking garage next to Zurich mainstation. The location has been open the entire week, perfect location to just chill and hang out during lunchbreak.

The main event was taking place on August 20th. There was a big special guest announced, who to my surprise was in the end, Pegasus, the swiss band (we’ve been to one of their concerts before, check out the review). I was totally hoping for the Plain White T’s, since they were the ones singing the #bemoretea song „Pause“.


Despite the small disappointment in the beginning, Pegasus’ show was pretty cool. The atmosphere was awesome. It was a pretty loungy and chill. There were loads of spaces to sit, icetea was given away for free. A couple of bbq chefs were providing delicous sausages off th grill. There was a miniramp even, in case there were any skaters around. We even had a little VIP tent, we were served drinks, had little snacks on the tables that were super good too.

There was only a small audience that night. It was basically a small private concert. There were a couple of die-hard Pegasus fans there too. Apparently one of them even had the bands album cover (or maybe the logo, not sure) tattooed on her arm. The atmosphere was a bit restrained in the beginning, Noah, the bands singer told us all to come a bit closer to the stage. After that, the crowd was much more laid back, the dancing and singing began. The fans sure were happy, but hey, Pegasus’ gig was pretty cool.

All in all it was a really pleasent event. It kinda felt like a comfy and fun evening with friend, on a roof, plus some nice livemusic, snacks and of course some radio and tv people runnung around 😀

As usual, I’ve got a couple pictures of the event for ya: