Yaaay, can’t believe summer is still here… well, kinda… Apart from a few thunderstorms that are hanging around lately… But let’s just ignore them for now. Now you’re about to find out about my summerhits!

I totally love this time of year. For me, summer doesn’t just only mean bbq’s with friends, warm temperatures, pool events and happy people, nope, usually it also brings out some great tunes – the big summerhits. Most of the times, these are songs that mean something or that you connect to certain events and times. What happens when you hear “Macarena”? I’m guessing most of you (at least the older ones ;)) get a huge flashback to summer of ’96, right?

Well, today I’ll let you know what songs are my personal favorites this summer. My “Best of… Summer 2015”. With the right soundtrack nothing can bring you down, not even rain or thunderstorms 😉 Here you go:

OMI – “Cheerleader”
What a catchy song this is. It’s also being played on the radio nonstop – not just there, in my car as well.

Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias – “El Perdón”
Top Hit that gets stuck in my head for days

La Gozadera ft. Marc Anthony – “Gente De Zona”
Latinos like me love this song. Have a listen and shake your booty with me…

Walk The Moon – “Shut up and dance”
The ones of you who know me, know that this isn’t usually my kind of music. But this one’s so catchy… I couldn’t resist. I blame Shirley! Also, if you want to know more about WALK THE MOON, head over to this article about the band form Ohio.

Maroon 5 – “Sugar”
Great song! Have you seen the video to it? Wow, what a surprise that must have been for all the couples.

Alvaro Soler – „El mismo Sol“
This must be the most catchiest song of the summer. And oh my, look at the handsome Spanish singer – you’ll definitely feel the summer vibes with this song.

So, let us know. Is your summer-song 2015 on this list too? Tell us in the comments section and let us know what songs you kept playing all summer. We’re looking forward to your summer-songs.