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A while ago we were able to sit down with Aaron Carter and ask him some questions. Yes, Aaron Carter is Nick Carter’s little brother. (yes, that is THE Nick Carter, member of the Backstreet Boys).

So, it’s been like 15-20 years since you’ve been here last. What have you been doing in the meantime?
I’ve been in „The Fantasticks“ in New York City (the musical), I’ve done over 550 performances with them, so that took up 2 years of my time. I’ve also just been producing music and trying to build up my career again to get to this point of touring around the world again.

Wow, ok… So there’s been a lot going on. What has changed since you’ve been here last time. Except for all of us getting older?
Of course, we all grew up, right? Also my voice has changed…

Back on tour, what do you miss the most when on the road? Homesick?
I don’t really miss anything in particular. I’m never home enough to get homesick. I guess I get more „homesick“ from the road… Because being on the road feels more like home for me.

So I heard you got to drive down here from Amsterdam. How was that, speeding on the german highways?
Yeah! I drove 260km/h!

Wow, that is fast. You probably can’t do that in the US…
Not unless you want to get chased by the cops and get locked up. Unless you’re a good talker like me 🙂

A good talker, now that sounds interesting! What would you say to a police man who just pulled you over because you were speeding?
It’s a viper…

Uhm, ok. And that will get you out of a ticket?
Oh yeah, that comes from personal experience. I once got pulled over in a viper truck doing 170mph and I told him it was a viper. So he let me go… Because he was impressed!

Usually it’s only the girls that can get out of tickets. But hey, good for you. So for the last part of our interview, I’ve got some sentences that you’ll need to end. Are you ready?
Sure, go ahead!

First thing i do when i get up in the morning is…uuuhm hmmm… kiss my girlfriend!
When I see snow i think about… Happy days! Happiness! Pure joy…
(A little discussion about snow started – „I hate the snow“ „WHAT? Why do you hate the snow?“ „Have you looked outside?“ „Have YOU looked outside“ „Are you Crazy“ etc…)
My favorite piece of furniture at home is… My couch, it’s very comfy, I fall asleep on it all the time!
If I ever fall off stage I would… laugh at myself!
Has it ever happened before? Yes, it has… 😮 And what I did was very embarassing. I made a noise like: ooouuh*. Just that noise…
*imagine him doing oooouuuh – sounding like a 5yr old girl
Spiders make me… petrified. I literally freeze. I hate spiders…
So no pet tarantulas for you? HELL NO!! Spiders scare the shit out of me! I got bit by a black widow once. Luckily my mom was there and just cut open my leg (with a razor blade) where it bit me and tried to squeeze out all the venom.

Ok, scary! So, there’s one more question actually. Are we going to get some new music from you soon?
Yes! This year. It’s all done, recorded and everything. Just figuring out some things and then it’ll be out there, hopefully soon. I’m looking forward to it, it’ll be cool!

So no more musicals for a while?
Naaah, not right now. I’m focusing on my music and singing. It was a great time, I loved doing it. But right now I want to make music for my fans!

So, that was basically it. Thank you so much for your time and have a great time up on stage later!
Oh thank you! You guys are amazing. Thanks for doing this!