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It’s that time again… We’re going into the next round of „The Showcase“. This time 20Minuten and Postfinance have yet again organized a great act. It’s Olly Murs, the UK Shootingstar!

Just a few weeks ago Olly was performing at the Energy Stars for Free, he just recently released his new album „Never Been Better“ and he just announced his EU tour for next year. Who would have thought we’d be seeing him again so soon.

As always, you cannot buy tickets to this showcase. But we can show you where you can win them:


And of course we’ve got all the important information about the event:
Date: Thursday, 18. December
Doors: 6.45 pm
Showtime: 8.00 pm
Location: Plaza, Zurich

Just so you can really get ready for this event, we’ve got Olly’s new single „Wrapped Up“ for you – awesome song to dance along 🙂