Lady Gaga_w_14

What an awesome show! That’s all I can say.

Around 8.45pm the curtain fell. That’s when the big Lady Gaga show started at Hallenstadion.
Of course all her little monsters were super excited from the very first second of the show.

The stage included a huge and also pretty cool runway or let’s say catwalk on which she presented her numerous outfits. From a latex tentacle outfit to colorful neon costumes, she had everything! When Lady Gaga changed one of her outfits on stage she suddenly stood there almost butt naked. I’m sure some of her little monsters had some troubles breathing at that moment 😉

Even the people on the seated ranks got up and danced after a few request from the mother monster. Me included! For once I’ve decided to get seats and I must say, I was quite happy over it. Although, even though it was a nice change, I don’t think I could ever get used to sitting at a concert instead of standing in the crowd and experiencing the show standing and dancing. But back to the show…
The catwalk was great, especially because even fans further back were able to get pretty close to their idol. While walking over the catwalks Lady Gaga did great job performing the songs “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”.
Check out this video:

You can find all the other videos here.

The cover of „What’s up“ by the 4 Non Blondes had the entire venue sing along! Lady Gaga doesn’t always have to be crazy and loud, there were times she just sat at the piano (which still looked gaga J) Every now and then she tried to connect with the audience. She talked to us, even read a fan-letter that was thrown up on stage. One very lucky fan got to go up on stage and sat with Lady Gaga while she was performing another song at the piano.

During one of the last songs she then again brought 3 lucky fans up on stage, what a great experience this must have been for them. With a loud „Zurich, hands up in the air“ and loads of confetti she then eventually brought the show to an end. After over 2hrs of mad partying and singing she says goodbye…